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Is grounding dangerous?

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Error information on grounding and grounding products

Order occurs when the technical equipment or human body (or other material) that conducts current is connected directly to the soil (ground) via a conductor. The same thing happens when you walk barefoot on the beach, take a tree, bathe in a water or in the sea or are in direct contact with the ground in any other way. Usually we associate grounding with electrical and technical equipment exposed to static electricity and electromagnetic noise. Grounding gained its first technical significance in the mid-1800s when the precursor of the telephony (telegraph) was introduced with a cable across the Atlantic. There was electrical noise on the line, but which was completely eliminated when the system was grounded. Since then, all sensitively electrical equipment has become grounded, which means that equipment and ground (soil) have the same electrical potential and that static electricity is derived to soil. Simply put, it happens with the body when it is directly connected to soil when using the grounding sheet, grounding mat or when we walk barefoot outside. There is my information about grounding in Norwegian by several, including UNO Vita AS ( and the health magazine Science and Reason ( Unfortunately, Norwegian articles have also been published based on a German article from 2005, but which provides technical incorrect information on grounding. Our ancestors benefited from the health benefits of being soiled by having soil floors in the houses and using leather shoes that lead electricity. However, they were "disconnected" soil when they introduced began to lay wooden floors in soil cabins and later introduced rubber soles, linoleum coatings on floors, etc. Research has clearly shown that such progress had costs that recent research has clearly documented.

Incorrect claims and some explanations
Claims that grounding should be harmful to health are, among other things. Prepared by EMF Consult on their website. We add that this company also provides a lot of correct information on radiation and related topics, but when this helps people who want to benefit from sleeping on the grounding sheet do not, errors should be pointed out.

Claim 1: Grounding aggravates electric fields and is harmful to the body
When the body (or any conductor where electrons move) is grounded, a protective field occurs around the body (the umbrella effect). Electrical appliances in Norway are normally connected to the wiring (alternating current, 50 Hz, 220/230 volt). All appliances or conductors where electricity goes, forms electric fields. When near these electric fields, parts of the electrons in the body begin to "wing" or swing in line with the 50 Hz frequencies from the electricity grid and the electrical appliances. If you are in direct contact with soil (is grounded), this effect is significantly reduced and the body gets more calm. It is correct that the electric field around the grounding sheet and/or the body on top of the sheet increases. All places electrons move in a conductor (power), the electrical field is created around the conductor. The field in the body is reduced and the noise is reduced (the umbrella effect) in addition to flowing health -giving microscorms from soil to the body. The same thing happens when you are on the beach in the summer. In other words, the claim for "worsening" is wrong, regardless of whether the claim is based on a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of basic physics. The body reduces the effect of electric fields when it is grounded and not the other way around. This is also why electrical equipment has been grounded since the mid-1800s.

Claim 2: Use of the grounding sheet increases in most cases the load on the body
It is documented that the opposite is the case (see links at the bottom) and that the effect of AC (AC) is reduced when sleeping on the grounding sheet.

Claim 3: The thunderstorm and lining theory
It is suggested that the grounding sheet "attracts" radiation in the same way as a lightning will go the shortest way to soil. This is also wrong. First, all the grounding sheet and mats (produced by UNO Vita and the rest we are familiar with) are equipped with a 100 kilo-ohms resistance. This means that, for whatever, it is not technically possible that there can be high voltage through the sheets or the person who is up on it. The risk of a lightning in the window rather than knocking down the highest conductor (wood, telephone pole, rooftop, pipe, antenna, etc.) and taking the shortest way to the ground via the sheets are not present because the sheets have too high resistance. Those who use the grounding sheet are 100% protected from such an opportunity. Secondly, it is physically wrong for an earthing sheet to "attract" radiation. Electrical fields occur as a result of current going through a conductor. A grounding sheet is a leader, and as mentioned earlier, a field occurs around the sheets and/or the one on it. The sheet cannot "attract" itself, it contradicts the laws of physics.

Claim 4: It has no intention to measure body voltage
It is claimed that there is no intention of measuring body voltage against soil (Earth's electrical potential). Of course, it is appropriate to measure that you are grounded (then the tension against soil will be reduced to 0) to know that the sheet, mat or other equipment you use to ground, actually works and will give the health effects we know grounding offers.

Claim 5: The electrical field determines how much power it goes through the body
It is important to understand that electric fields do not have moving electrons in them (otherwise we would call it current), but only energy. Electric fields can help move electrons where there are electrons, as in a conductor as the body is. Therefore, fields with 50 Hz alternating current (AC) will help the body's electrons "wobbles" back and forth until you are connected soil. Then you become an extension of the earth's (the largest electromagnet we have) electrical potential, and the umbrella effect occurs (a protective effect). Induced tension is derived to soil at the speed of light (immediately). Should one be connected directly to an electrical source that can actually emit a dangerous current electrons (current from a broken household device for example), the sheet is equipped with a resistance that makes it not technically possible that a dangerous current passes through the body. Claim 5 is therefore irrelevant to the use of the grounding sheet.

Conclusion: Risk of grounding, electric fields and health benefits by grounding
Grounding (walking barefoot, sleeping on the ground, on the grounding sheet, using earthing mats) is health -giving. Before 2017, 20 controlled studies document that grounding is health -promoting in several areas and recommended for everyone, in the same way that it is recommended to be out and in contact with the ground, get fresh air and daylight. It is true that electromagnetic radiation (abbreviated EMF) from wireless networks, mobile phones, live cables, high voltage lines, chargers and other electrical equipment creates fields that can be a load for the body. Grounding does not solve all radiation problems, but reduces the effect of several of them and provides a favorable therapy effect. Uno Vita and partners generally recommend everyone to reduce the strain of man -made radiation (EMF). Reduction of exposure can be done by various shielding measures (fabric, curtains, coatings, paints, mats, etc.) that block/reflect high -frequency radiation and derives low -frequency of low -frequency electric radiation to soil. You can also reduce noise on the electricity grid using dirty current filters, and technology can be used that reduces the damage effect of radiation (spinor). Many sides of the man -made electromagnetic radiance can be harmful. We therefore recommend everyone with older houses and wiring networks or in case of suspicion of faults to have their electrical system checked. Converting to grounded cabling where it is possible to get the electrician to check that there is good soil without creep current, as it should be. Well grounded cabling in the house reduces noise and allows you to be grounded in any room you stay in. Feel free to contact us for help.

Health effects of grounding summarized
All living beings have always been in contact with the ground, and humans first lost such contact a few hundred years ago. Since the 1950s, the industrialized part of the world has almost completely lost ground contact. If you go barefoot, bathe in the sea and are in direct contact with soil, it is good medicine. When you sleep and are inside, you are cut off from the natural electrical stimulus from the ground. Studies of a group that slept the ground, showed the following:

· 85 % falling asleep faster
· 93 % slept better all night
· 82 % experienced reduction in muscle stiffness
· 74 % experienced reduction or lapse of pain
· 78 % experienced better health

Published studies show that grounding improves the blood's ability to transport oxygen, which scrolls. counteracts cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, they show that grounding has a positive effect on the hormone system, mineral balance and generally reduces inflammation and pain.

Research showing that electric fields in house do not pose any health risk when grounding

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