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Sonic Wave Technology

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Sonix. Sonic Whole-Body Vibration (SWBV) employs a speaker system with new magnetic circuits, rather than vibration spin motors. SWBV works to overcome all negative aspects of vibration motors. SWBV which is in a natural vertical plane of motion, has fully adjustable intensity, and is a true sine wave directional change. All of which results in a much more enjoyable and healthy vibrational exercise experience. Mechanical WBV simply cannot function at the level that SWBV does. Many types of intermediate sports, like walking, power walking, horse riding, etc. are all performed at low frequencies, between 1 ~ 8 Hz. It is now possible with SWBV to exercise at these ultralow frequencies. The movements are only vertical, which is the direction we experience through most of our physical activities. It is notable that just 10 minutes of Sonic Whole Body Vibration had a positive effect on the unhealthy blood cells. It is also important to know that consistent use of this technology for an extended period of time is necessary to return cells to a continuous, fully healthy state, with a cell voltage that remains high enough to initiate a natural healing response within the body.

Effects of Sonic Waves
Sonic waves exercise softens tendons and ligaments which are hard to exercise. Sonic wave exercises help not only the big muscles of the human body but also small muscles such as facial muscles and pelvic muscles. Whole-body vibration exercise, combined with usual power training, will increase maximum muscle strength by an additional 30%. It will also reduce the required training period by 85% and will also reduce training sessions by more than 50%.

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