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Allergy Research Group

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Allergy Research Group

Allergy Research Group®
Pioneers in Alternative Medicine

ARG is proud of our role as pioneers in complementary and alternative medicine. Our founder was an avid researcher and relentless advocate for those that were chemically sensitive or in need of alternative solutions to their current healthcare. In 1979, ARG began with the introduction of buffered vitamin C and a quest to bring truly hypoallergenic, evidence-based supplements to the US market.

Research and Innovation
ARG continued to fight for the advancement and availability of innovative healthcare solutions. We became the first to introduce now widely-utilized supplements such as melatonin, 5-HTP, Artemisinin, nattokinase, and more to the US market. We’re proud of our role in filling the void of those looking for solutions over 40 years ago. Today, we are pleased to see the growth of the supplement category, with more and more brands opting to provide clean solutions and robust product lines to the expanding number of integrative physicians leading the way for advancement in healthcare.

Supporting Doctors Like You
Now we continue to build upon our legacy by supporting the healthcare practitioners working to treat the root cause of illness in their patients. We employ researchers and writers to summarize the latest evidence-based approaches and deliver quality educational content to those looking to expand their knowledge. We offer free continuing education with renowned speakers and educators. We offer scholarships and advocacy grants to advance the practice of integrative medicine. We also continue to build upon the trust and foundation of who we are by providing condition-specific formulas developed by a naturopathic physician while holding the highest standards of hypoallergenicity in the industry. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your journey to heal those in need.

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