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Weber Medical Photobiomodulation

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Weber Medical is a leading company in the field of medical laser technology, started in 2003 after years of research. In addition to developing new devices, the company runs treatment centers in Germany and Thailand. Dr. Michael Weber, with the support of the German government and the European Union, created one of the first multi-channel laser systems for pain management, called the Weberneedle® Compact, in 2004. He also developed another multi-channel laser system for deeper laser therapy, named Weberneedle® Endo. The company's devices are primarily used for a treatment method called photodynamic therapy (PDT), which helps in treating almost all types of cancers. PDT can deliver laser energy even deep into tumors, like those in pancreatic cancer. Weber Medical has also created a new way of using PDT by developing an injectable substance that, when used with infrared lasers, produces powerful effects. In 2006, Weber Medical started the International Society for Medical Laser Applications to create a global network for distribution, research, and education. They offer training in medical laser therapy, including international seminars, conferences, and hands-on workshops.

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