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Spinor EMF Protection: Advancing Torsion Field Mitigation
Spinor, a Ukrainian company, specializes in EMF protection technologies, addressing the harmful effects of torsion fields generated by electronic devices. Emphasizing the distinction between electromagnetic and torsion fields, Spinor's research indicates the negative health implications of levorotatory (left-spinning) torsion fields produced by modern electronics. Spinor's innovative products, such as Forpost-1 and Vernada Auto, are engineered to counteract these detrimental effects in various environments, including urban areas, vehicles, and for vulnerable populations like infants and pregnant women. The company's theoretical foundation, developed by scientists like C. Krasnobrizhev and A. Akimov, revolves around photon polarization and quantum teleportation to mitigate torsion field impacts. Globally recognized, Spinor's EMF protection devices are distributed worldwide, including in major countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In Norway, Uno Vita AS is the official distributor, bringing these advanced EMF protection solutions to the Norwegian market.

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