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RnA ReSet and Dr. Carolyn Dean: Advancing Nutritional Health and Magnesium Supplementation
RnA ReSet, established by Dr. Carolyn Dean in 2015, revolutionizes nutritional health, especially in magnesium supplementation. Dr. Dean, a medical doctor and naturopath with over 40 years in healthcare, authored "The Magnesium Miracle," highlighting her deep understanding of magnesium's health benefits. To combat widespread magnesium deficiency, Dr. Dean developed ReMag, a unique supplement fully absorbed at the cellular level, surpassing traditional magnesium supplements. RnA ReSet offers a range of nutrient-rich products, designed to naturally support bodily functions. Dr. Dean's extensive expertise is shared through her health radio show, publications, and educational materials, promoting proper nutrition and health. Uno Vita AS is the official Norwegian and European distributor for RnA ReSet, ensuring access to these innovative health products across Europe.

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