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RITM OKB ZAO Scenar: Advancing Medical Technology Since 1980
Established in May 1980 as the "Special Design Bureau of Medical Information-automated Diagnostic Systems (MIDAS)" at Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering, RITM OKB ZAO has been a pioneer in medical technology. Initially formed to bridge the Soviet Union's gap in medical equipment, the company was rebranded to OKB "RITM" in 1983, and finally to RITM OKB ZAO in 1998.

Our landmark development, the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator) device, revolutionized medical treatment and diagnostics. SCENAR's inception in 1986, under a contract likely with a unit of the USSR Space Agency, led to unprecedented clinical results, birthing the new field of SCENAR therapy.

SCENAR therapy, co-created by Yuri Gorfinkel and Alexander Revenko, quickly gained international recognition. Under the leadership of Yakov Grinberg and Yuri Starovoytov, RITM OKB ZAO expanded SCENAR's reach globally, now recognized in over 30 countries, including the EC, the US, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and South Africa.

Today, RITM OKB ZAO continues its commitment to medical innovation, with Uno Vita AS proudly serving as the Norwegian distributor. Our journey of over 40 years emphasizes our dedication to advancing health systems and medical technologies worldwide.

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