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Cherky Organic Foods

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Cherky: Crafting Wholesome Snacks with a Dash of Rebellion
In 2019, three passionate individuals—once mere friends with shared interests—transformed into partners on a mission. Their brainchild? Cherky.

Dissatisfied with the snack market’s offerings, they embarked on a culinary adventure. Armed with a humble €45 dehydrator from Amazon, they tinkered, tested, and tasted. And then it hit them: “Why not sell this?”

Undeterred by their lack of expertise, they sought guidance at a Technology Center. Their audacious request? A protein bar made of meat, sans sugar, preservatives, or artificial additives—a 100% natural delight. The response? A bemused “bueno… we can try.” Nearly two years and a few extra Euros later, Cherky emerged. Their bars were unlike any other—distinctive, wholesome, and bursting with flavor. But their journey wasn’t just about snacks. Along the way, they glimpsed the darker side of the meat industry. So they made a resolute choice: only animals from organic farms would grace their products. In July 2019, their own factory hummed to life, and Cherky hit the shelves.

Their path wasn’t easy. They rolled up their sleeves, learned the industry’s inner workings, and vowed to drive change—through action, not mere words.

Meet the MeatLovers behind Cherky:

Carlos (The Chef): If the snacks tantalize your taste buds (and they will), blame Carlos. His favorite? ECO · BEEF JERKY · ORIGINAL.
David (The Engineer): From kitchen experiments to factory reality, David’s the force behind the scenes. His go-to? ECO · BEEF JERKY · TERIYAKI.
Javier (The Designer): If the snacks arrive in a stylish package, credit Javier. His pick? ECO · SUPERBITES · BEEF, WALNUTS, TOMATO Y CHIA.

Cherky isn’t just jerky—it’s a rebellion against mediocrity. With facts, not words, they’re reshaping the snack landscape. So grab a pack, savor the revolution, and join the Cherky tribe!

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