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Sonic World: Leading Innovation in Sonic Wave Technology
Established in 2010, Sonic World has rapidly advanced as a prominent Sonic Wave technology company, focusing on innovative healthcare systems based on sonic wave vibration therapy. Their dedication to human health improvement is evident through their pioneering SONIX WBV (Whole Body Vibration) machine, a full-body workout machine that utilizes Sonic World’s unique electromagnetic technology and the principle of sound speakers. This technology delivers precise sonic waves of infrasound, offering a highly effective and noise-free alternative to traditional motor-based vibration machines. Sonic World's journey began with the creation of the SONIX WBV and its subsequent patent acquisition. The company quickly made significant strides, acquiring numerous certifications, including the ISO 13485, CE, and electrical appliances safety certification. Their products are registered with the US FDA, showcasing a commitment to global standards in healthcare innovation. Sonic World's R&D Center continuously focuses on developing core technology for sonic wave systems, healthcare units, and medical devices. Their products, such as the SONIX WBV, are distributed worldwide, including in the USA, Australia, Japan, China, and several European countries. Uno Vita AS is the official distributor for Sonic World in Norway, ensuring access to these innovative health technologies in the Norwegian market.

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