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Structured Water

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Structured water
The term “Structured Water” refers to the water when its molecules are structured to form hexagonal clusters. These crystalline geometric structures in water occur either naturally or can be restored artificially. The essential thing about this particular structure is that it is responsible for securing water’s natural properties. Structured water in nature is present in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources, flowing over rocks and cliffs, swinging around curves and corners. This motion causes water to spin and rotate, structuring its molecules. Fresh spring water also gets structured from the high pressures in deep aquifers. Additionally, scientists believe that in the human body the most of the water is structured in a hexagonal manner. Structured water does not have the same properties as bulk water. Water is the carrier of the most important molecules of life, like proteins and DNA. In the book, "Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life," evidence is presented that shows water is absolutely essential to everything the cell does. The water in our cells is not like water in a glass. It's actually ordered pretty much like a crystal. Like ice, it excludes particles and solutes as it forms. The space formed is called an exclusion zone (EZ).

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