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Nano Soma

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NANO SOMA with Metadichol® is made from natural food-based ingredients with no known side effects. Metadichol® is derived from Policosanol, which is found in foods like rice, sugarcane, wheat, and peanuts. This is a nano-emulsion with small particles that has now returned to our diet after being absent due to refinement. NANO SOMA Oral Spray (EU patent 2398476 Metadichol®) is a nano-emulsion of Policosanol, naturally found in unrefined foods. NANO SOMA can positively affect D-vitamin receptors, normalize the immune system, increase levels of vitamin C, adiponectin, and testosterone, counteract inflammation, provide increased protection against viruses and bacteria, improve cognitive function, and promote healthier skin. Uno Vita emphasizes that they do not claim that the products can cure diseases and recommends consulting healthcare professionals if in doubt.

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