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Sunlight Inside

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Sunlight Inside: Natural Light Solutions
Sunlight Inside, led by Konrad Jarausch, focuses on bringing the benefits of natural light indoors. The company addresses the limitations of artificial lighting, which lacks the dynamic qualities of natural sunlight, affecting our wellbeing. Utilizing advances in LED technology, Sunlight Inside has created lamps that mimic natural light cycles. These products transition from stimulating daylight to soothing night light, aligning with our body's circadian rhythms. Their "bottled sunshine" series, designed for easy installation and use, is made with sustainability in mind, using reclaimed materials in Northern California. Their mission is to make natural light accessible to everyone, enhancing spaces without complex installations. In Norway, Uno Vita AS distributes Sunlight Inside’s products, bringing these innovative lighting solutions to the Norwegian market. This summary highlights Sunlight Inside’s dedication to improving health and mood through natural light, with their unique lighting solutions now available in Norway through Uno Vita AS

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