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Carbogenetics is a wellness and therapy method leveraging the synergy of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen to enhance tissue oxygenation, increase energy, and facilitate healing. While clinical studies are not yet definitive, personal testimonials suggest benefits which require cautious consideration.

The therapy involves inhaling a mixture called "carbogen," composed of 5% CO2 and 95% oxygen. CO2's importance lies in its role in vasodilation, blood flow enhancement, and parasympathetic nervous system activation, contributing to various health benefits, including reduced hypoxia, increased blood circulation and tissue perfusion, improved microcirculation, accelerated wound healing, firmer skin, metabolism boost, and pain alleviation.

Carbogenetics seeks to maximize oxygen delivery to cells, where CO2 assists in oxygen release from hemoglobin, facilitating ATP production. Moreover, CO2 therapy through carboxytherapy or non-invasive carbon dioxide baths is claimed to improve skin quality and reduce cellulite, backed by some research.

Carbon dioxide levels are critical in effectively delivering oxygen to cells, with hyperventilation noted as a barrier due to the resulting CO2 deficiency. Carbogenetics offers solutions like the Carbohaler to address this issue, promoting adequate CO2 and oxygen balance for better health outcomes.

Carbogenetics is poised as an innovative approach in the health and wellness sector, with its products aiming to utilize the therapeutic potentials of CO2 for improved well-being.

Uno Vita AS distributes Carbogenetics products in Norway, Scandinavia, and Europe.

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