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EMF environment improvement

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Electromagnetic environmental improvements. Acquire technology that reduces the information effect of the devices/mobile, etc. Spinor International (led by Professor Anatolii Pavlenko) produces devices and "labels" for mobile phones (Spinor mobile) that have proven effectiveness. Research shows that when the equipment and tag are used, the effect of wireless radiation on the body is reduced. The technology is well documented. Spinor has mobile (portable) solutions that contribute to a better electromagnetic environment when you are outside your protected zone (at home). Correspondingly, this also applies when driving a car where you feel much less tired, as well as at the workplace where you often cannot control the electromagnetic environment. The PRANAN technology converts the potentially environmentally harmful electromagnetic fields into fields that are natural and beneficial to the body. This is not an effect of shielding or blocking wireless signals. The devices neither reflect, shield nor absorb energy fields. The PRANAN technology modulates or changes potentially environmentally harmful electromagnetic radiation to frequencies that are beneficial to the body. The PRANAN units naturally amplify health-promoting frequencies from the environment. Geometric structures used in the PRANAN devices are for the transmission of beneficial frequencies from the environment to the body. In the same way that the extremely weak electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phone antennas or other wireless technology can alter the physiology of the body and affect cellular processes (report by Martin L. Pall), the PRANAN devices can do the opposite.
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