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A functional integrated medical understanding of health

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A functional integrated medical understanding of health

What is illness?
The word "disease" stems from the North "sick" (worried/grieving) and "dómr" (creature/behavior). Thus, we can interpret it as "a concerned behavior", a common symptom of illness ..

How do we understand health challenges at the Integrated Medicine Clinic?
All have periods of ailments or health challenges. Persistent symptoms often cause a school medicine diagnosis. A diagnosis classifies Humans based on observable symptoms. We see the diagnosis as a description of one or more persistent imbalances In the body, which appears as symptoms (dizziness, nausea, pain, poor sleep, etc.). When one finds enough symptoms that Fits together, you can classify the imbalances with a diagnosis.

The body ours have unique and wonderful features
The body and mind have an incredible ability to maintain and Restore inner balance. Homeostasis, a basic biological concept, refers to the ability of living organisms to to maintain a stable internal environment, regardless of external influences. Another feature is the ability to repair and Build new cells (thousands per second). Basically we are in balance, unless body and mind are exposed to so Large stresses that the natural balance is temporarily disturbed or long -lasting.

Restore the balance and body's homeostasis and recover
By detecting the causes of imbalance in body, mind and emotions, one can often (not always) insert countermeasures and restore a naturally good Balance and inner homeostasis through systematic efforts and proper treatment. When this happens, the body repairs Damage and build new cells. The symptoms disappear, you feel healthy and the diagnosis is no longer relevant.

It is not always easy to find the causes of the symptoms or the correct method to restore the balance. A good Collaboration between client and therapist is a prerequisite and the client must be willing to have the ability to do Lifestyle changes. It is what you do at home over time that is most important. All of the body's cells can be renewed or Repaired under good conditions, but some types of cells take longer than others. The liver can be renewed in 6 weeks, The mucous membranes of the intestine in a few days, while nerve and brain cells take years to heal.

At the Integrated Medicine Clinic we treat no diagnoses
We don't offer either medical services, medical treatment or treatment of serious illnesses. Yet experiences a high proportion of our Clients improvement and many get rid of their health challenges over time. Systematics and holistic effort (integrated Medical thinking) Over time, results produce for most people. One of our basic principles is that all imbalances in the body affects the body's electromagnetic system and cells' charge ". That's why we use electromagnetic Treatment methods such as light therapy, microsumes, infrared heat, vibrant magnetic field therapy, vibration therapy, Hydrogen therapy and oxygen therapy. When we combine good treatment with proper diet, good water, exercise, sensible The use of supplements and natural herbal substances experiences most improvement over time.

Nature is awesome and you have the ability to retrieve natural balance, even if it does not always work such

Reservations. The clinic does not claim that we can cure illness.

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