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Zeolite for detoxification: faith, facts and effects!

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Zeolite for detoxification: faith, facts and effects!

What are zeolites?
Zeolite is a rare natural mineral formed by a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and seawater. The crystalline structure is porous and has a negative charge, which enables selective removal of toxins, especially heavy metals (which are positively charged). This process can take thousands or even millions of years; Researchers estimate that the first zeolite minerals were formed over 300 million years ago. "Zeolite" is a common name for over 240 unique structures (or frames), of which 40+ occurs in nature. The most common types of zeolitis include clinoptilolitis, mordenite, analcim, chabasite, sodlolite and style bites.

Clinoptilolite natural zeolite: an effective fee with unique properties
Zeolite is a mineral with a fascinating structure and properties that makes it a potent tool for detoxification of the body. Its ability to bind to heavy metals and other toxins makes it one of the most effective natural -detoxifying substances available.
Zeolite helps remove harmful substances without causing side effects.
When zeolite comes into contact with toxins in the body, it behaves like a magnet (has a negative charge). When tied, these toxins are trapped within the porous structure of the zeolith, unable to escape or become reabsorbed by the body. Zeolite mainly acts as a tax of targeted heavy metals, capturing them in its structure ("cage") and transporting out of the body via the excretion system. Think of zeolite as a magnet with negative charge. Harmful toxins, which have a positive charge, are attracted by zeolite. Zeolite captures positively charged toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium and transport them out of the body through stools.

Zeolite can tie and remove a wide range of toxins from the human body, drinking water and waste materials. Its small cages and surface charges capture heavy metals, natural and chemical toxins, radioactive elements, microbes, metabolic products and more. Thanks to these potent detoxification properties, zeolite can reverse oxidative damage, maintain a healthy microbioma, kill bacteria and viruses, increase the levels of minerals and trace elements, and repair skin lesions and stop bleeding.

Structure and components
In a collision of glowing lava and cold seawater, zeolite forms a unique cage-like structure and negative surface charge. Aluminum and silicon form the basis of this structure, but it often includes other elements such as oxygen, tin, zinc and titanium. Small cages allow zeolite to act as a "molecular strainer", which filters molecules based on their particle size. Negative surface charge binds can release minerals - such as sodium, potassium and calcium - and replace them with large ions and heavy metals.

How does Zeolite work summarized?
Magnetic -like effect: Zeolite has a negative charge, giving it a magnetic -like effect on positively charged toxins such as heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium) and other harmful substances.
Porous structure: Zeolite has a unique porous structure that acts as a cage. When the toxins are tied to the zeolith, they are trapped inside the cage and cannot escape or reabsorbed by the body. Zeolite transports the prisoned toxins out of the body mainly through the gut.
Effective detoxification: Zeolite removes heavy metals and other toxins without causing side effects as long as the dose is high enough to tie all toxins and heavy metals to transport them out. Otherwise, one may experience detoxification reactions or more precisely symptoms of poisoning as small amounts of zeolite (as in liquid zeolite) can carry one given heavy metal from one place to another without necessarily and transport the metal completely out of the body.
Safe and natural: Clinoptilolite natural zeolite micronized powder is a natural mineral that is documented safe for humans.

Zeolite fees in two ways
Absorption: catches toxins inside the zeolith.
Adsorption: Toxins attach to the outside of zeolite particles.

Important details and some technical data
Zeolite is a mineral not a molecule
Zeolite binds to toxins via ionic bonding

Zeolitt's crystalline structure
Zeolitt's crystalline structure consists of a grid of tetraeders associated with oxygen atoms, which form a web -like structure. Think of it as a microscopic honey cake. This structure contains pores or ducts with a uniform form, which allows absorption of substances. When fluid passes into these pores, zeolites function as filters, catching up toxins in a process called cation change.

Production of zeolites
Zeolites can be found naturally, but they are also synthesized for different applications. Synthetic zeolites are produced by hydrothermic methods, where specific chemical conditions lead to their formation. These methods involve the mixture of appropriate reactants (such as silica, alumina and alkalim metal hydroxides) at elevated temperatures and pressure. The resulting zeolite crystals are then carefully signed and treated.

Not all forms of zeolite are health -promoting
Many of the zeiths are not suitable for human use and can be directly toxic. It is natural clinoptilolite (English: Clinoptilolite) that is documented harmless (when produced and controlled properly) and effectively in micropolver form. It is therefore essential that the current manufacturer can document purity and type of zeolite. It is recommended that the manufacturer can present CE Medical approval (applies to products sold in Europe), which is a guarantee that the product is of a high standard and is approved for use and sales in Europe. The

Many of the zeolite products on the market including the floating often contain 50% clinoptilolite and the rest other zeolites. Clinoptilolitis is the form of zeolite that is recommended for human use and when it is clean and produced properly to humans unlike several other zeolites.

Is zeolite legally traded as a dietary supplement in Norway and the EU?
No, zeolite is not a supplement and it is also not allowed to sell as a grant in Norway, the EU or the EEA. Micropoirs Zeolite with or Bentonite with (mix of zeolite and bentonite that gives even better effect than only zeolite) has medical approval in line with one medical device and sold under this category and is therefore lawful And safe.

Health benefits using purified zeolite ultrafint powder
Preliminary research on zeolite showed good results, but all the studies the author has found applies to micropolves and not zeolite dissolved in water or other bag.

Health effects:
Antioxidant source: Zeolite acts as an antioxidant
Balances pH levels: Zeolite helps balance the pH levels in the body
Helps with digestion: People struggling with digestive problems such as indigestion or constipation may benefit from zeolite
Improves brain function: Zeolite can help improve brain function
Improves circulation: Zeolite can help improve circulation
Fees: Zeolite can tie and remove a wide range of toxins from the human body, drinking water and waste materials. Its small cages and surface charge catch heavy metals, natural and chemical toxins, radioactive elements, microbes, metabolic products and more.

Here are some of the toxins it can remove
Atmospheric toxins: Zeolites can capture neurotoxins and other chemicals that can enter our bodies through their diet, air and water
Heavy Metals: Zeolites attract toxic heavy metals that accumulate in our bodies
Radioactive toxins: Zeolites can even catch radioactive materials
Mycotoxins: Zeolites are able to catch mycotoxins and toxins produced by fungi
Pathogenic microbes: zeolites can capture pathogenic microbes

Effective for:
Bleeding: Uncontrolled bleeding is the 2nd leading cause of death in serious injuries and accidents. The US military uses Zeolitt-based product to stop severe bleeding on the battlefield. Supported by solid clinical evidence and efficiency in real life, this product has also found use in civilian medicine.

Used for accidents and poisonings of the environment
500,000 tonnes of clinop scholitis zeolite were used to encapsulate the reactor and decontaminate water, soil, objects, animals and humans after the Chernobyl accident.

Liquid zeolite vs. micronized powder
The controversy on liquid zeolite versus powder zeolite has been going on for over a decade now. Liquid zeolite supplements are just a very small amount of zeolite powder in water (or another type of fluid) because zeolite cannot be fluid. On the other hand, micronized zeolite powder has a Surface area up to (a little difference in the manufacturers) 1000 times greater than the fluid solution, which means that there is a much larger area of ​​zeolite that can capture toxins, making it much more effective for detoxification.

Slightly technical data extracted via web search and encyclopedia
What is a nanoparticle?
It is a particle size of 0.001 to 0.1 microns.
How big are the pores that can absorb heavy metals and more? Usually they are from 0,0003 to 0,00045 microns.
How small particles can pass through the intestinal blood barrier? Here are several conditions that can affect, but as a thumb rule you can say from 0,0004 to 0.01 microns (for the latter, special transport proteins are required)
How large particles are in one heavy metal molecule as mercury (Methylated mercury or organic mercury)? The size is from 0.4 to 0.5 micron
How big are other relevant particles?
Lead (PB²⁺): 0,000119 micron
Mercury (Hg²⁺): 0,000110 micron
Kadmium (CD²⁺): 0.000095 Micron
Arsenic (As³⁺/AS⁵⁺): 0.000058 Micron
Aluminum (Al³⁺): 0.0000535 Micron
Atoms are less natural enough

What do we know?
Microminated powder such as zeolite with/zeobent with
. Extensive research has been done on natural clinoptilolite microminsated powder and its health effects, safe for use and detoxifying effects.
Dosage and content. Good detoxifying effects are shown in the use of the range 3-15 grams per day. day.
No nanoparticles. Contains no nanoparticles and therefore poses a risk of distribution of possible harmful substances in the body or blood.
Size of particles. The average size of the powder in Zeolite with is approx. 9 microns that ensure that the cage-like structures are whole and intact.
Effect. A number of studies show that microminized powder zeolite has effects outlined above
Price versus content. Zeolite with costs in the range of NOK 500 and contains 210 grams. Normal use is 1 gram x 3 pr. day. 3 grams are 3000 milligrams (mg). Ie That a box lasts for approx. 70 days where the daily dose costs approx. kr. 7 pr. day.

Zeolite mixed in water or other bags
Research. There is minimal if any research on the use of liquid zeolite. It will be Referred to two studies one in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and one in the Journal of Medical Food. These studies have failed to find any of the databases for unknown reason.
Dosage and content. The manufacturer of Waiiora NCD2 states 3 drops that contain 2.4 mg and are taken three times a day. In comparison, it is approx. 416 times less than a dose of zeolite with microminated powder. The content is stated to be 24 mg in total. Which is 8750 times less zeolite than in a box zeolite with. Pure Body has about the same numbers with total content of 30 mg (or 7000 times less than a box of Zeolite with). The recording and excretion of toxins is propositional with the amount. Easily said; The more zeolite the greater the ability to transport heavy metals and toxins. If the amount is sufficiently small (like a few milligrams), basic physics indicates that a small amount can only transport a small amount of waste, whether the zeolith is small or comes in even smaller particles.

Nanoparticles. Stated to contain nanoparticles that are error. Nano particles are significantly less than the stated size of 0.4 microns (nanoparticles more than 0.1 microns). In addition, if it was possible, it was likely that the cages and pores to absorb toxins would be damaged.
Size of particles. Average size of stated for pure body zeolite approx. 0.4 microns. Whether all the cage-like structures are whole and intact it is difficult to determine. We can assume that some of them are without affecting the main impression.
Effect. The little that is found of clinical research on fluid zeolite (we do not find them) it is referred to, indicates that fluid zeolite also has a certain effect, but as the images show from an older study not near powder based zeolite. It is argued that the floating variants and then specific pure body have much smaller particles that will help to be absorbed in the blood (which can have both positive and negative sides) and that the total absorption is therefore improved. It does not cause correctness when taking into account the amount of zeolite vs. Powder based compared to liquid. The powder has as mentioned above 400 times more zeolite per dose And thus a much larger total surface. Also, it is very doubtful whether 0.4 micron zeolite can be absorbed at all, as substances that should pass the intestinal blood barrier normally have to be less than 0.01 microns. To the extent that it should still be absorbed in the blood in the unknown way, the amount is so small that the ability to transport waste will be minimal.

Price versus content. Pure Body costs about NOK. 360 pr. Bottle of 30 mg. In comparison with Zeolite with which costs about NOK. 500 in pure form, the same amount of zeolite in pure body would have cost 7000 times more or approx. 2, 5 million. To the extent that there was actually evidence that liquid is more effective because the molecules are less (which we have not found evidence of) one might say that pure body is 22 times more effective (because the molecules are 22 times less than zeolite with and that We assume that the cages are not damaged) However, it will not in any way defend the price of pure body which contains 3 mg per day. Dose to 3000 mg per. dose of zeolite with that is 1000 times more pr. passage.

We think "loud"
Pure body and other liquid zeolite products claim to be absorbed in the blood and should therefore be more effective fees because the molecules are clearly less than regular microminated zeolite. Pure Body states that the bag is stated to contain nanoparticles, it is simply false, as nanoparticles are less than 0.01 microns while the PURE body particles are stated to be 0.4 microns. To the extent that there are actually nanoparticles in pure body, it will be possible to increase the risk of metals such as aluminum (which is part of the zeolites) and other possible dangerous substances enter the bloodstream and end up places we do not want them (like the brain). Furthermore, there is uncertainty about parts of the structures (that absorb metals etc.) can be damaged when so small (the pores will be partially damaged). There are a number of examples that nanoparticles in the blood can penetrate cells and organs and possibly pose a health hazard. The ability to transport out, for example, heavy metals is, as mentioned, proportional to the amount of zeolite. Furthermore, it is known from clinical experience that zeolite can if it is in circulation transport toxins from one place to another if the dose is too low. That means low dose (like Mentioned 1000 times less pr. dose than powder) Liquid easily can cause unpleasant detoxification reactions because the dose is not enough to bind all toxins and metals it comes into contact with. To the extent that you believe that liquid zeolite in microdoses has a positive effect which is highly unclear when looking at research, you should use fine -grained powder in addition to having an efficient transport of toxins and waste out of the body. The research referred to and the effect of using zeolite is as far as we have found only on microminated zeolite powder in doses above 3 grams per day. hallway. Pure Body states that the dose is 4 drops of a total of 0.3 milligrams. It means 10,000 times less dose compared With powder. Other of Pure Body products indicate content in milliliters that are completely irrelevant, zeolite is not fluid. To the extent that information we have interpreted is incorrect and there are 30 mg per day. Dose not pr. bottle as it seems (it is also unclear something we perceive as joyous) is the dose "Only" 1000 times less compared to powder -based zeolite. Liquid zeolite of this type simply insanely expensive in relation to the content.

Danger of liquid zeolite supplements in general?
First and foremost, the product is made of pure clinop scholitis shows all of the research that it is safe to use. The two most important aspects to consider when using zeolite for detoxification are quality and quantity. It is important to choose a quality, effective zeolite product and also to take it in the necessary dose. A small dose can result in detoxification reactions, redistribution of toxins, and ineffective detoxification. If you experience detoxification reactions when taking zeolite, you should increase your dose immediately. It seems counter-intuitive, but the lower the dose, the more likely you are to experience a detoxification reaction. To effectively detoxify zeolite you need a relatively high dose, and the more toxic you are, the higher the dose you need. For most liquid zeolite products would You need to take over 100 bottles per day To get the correct dose related to the amount of toxins that need to be transported out.

Many people experience a reaction when they take their liquid zeolite supplements that lead them to believe it works because they experience a detoxification reaction. Yes, it works to some extent, but the fact that you experience a reaction means you need a much higher dose. By using a high quality zeolite powder, you can speed up your results and reduce or eliminate detoxification reaction, even in sensitive individuals. Now they should be said that the debate on liquid versus ultrafint powder has been going on for 10 years and is hardly over, but it seems illogical not to use powder -based when you know the amount of toxins and heavy metals will be exposed to on a daily basis.

Conclusion. We hope this article helps both those who use, sell and recommend zeolite to detoxification become familiar with actual data.

Reservations. This article is written based on available information. Subject to faults and somewhat different specifications on the products on the market. The purpose is to get as much precise information as possible. We all need effective detoxification and then it is essential and gets the right and sufficient dosage, which you hardly do with liquid zeolite. It is important and emphasizes that many good people have the best intentions, but they can also be fooled by false marketing. This is therefore not intended as an attack on individuals, but for information and information.

Posted by Jan Fredrik Poleszynski - February 2024

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