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Clinic for Integrated Medicine - Moss

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Integrated medical holistic treatment strengthens the body's ability to self -heal

Pioneering treatment method
The Integrated Medicine Clinic offers an integrated medical treatment that combines school medicine understanding and advanced complementary medicine. Such a treatment method is unique in Norway, and we have to go to other countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Germany and more to find something similar.

What is integrated medicine? By integrated medicine we mean a combination of school medicine and complementary/alternative medicine. We use methods where there is scientific documentation on safety and effect. The Integrated Medicine Clinic uses modern medical CE-approved electromedical devices that support the body's natural healing in treatment. The measurements performed are intended to detect the causes of the health problems from a holistic perspective. It is essential to find the cause of the disease (why is the tension low?) For the client to recover.

The definition of humans who divided into two mentally ("in the head") and physically in the body is not obsolete either.
We now know that emotions can be stored as an electromagnetic pattern in all parts of the body and more.
To understand the whole they are more useful to look at mutual addiction, interaction and synergy between
In (information), e (energy) and m (matter)

The main survey we recommend all clients
The main examination includes oligoscan (analysis of minerals and heavy metals), Bio-Well bioelectric functional analysis and HRV (heart rhythm analysis)-up to 6 different tests in total. The information provided is compiled, and we provide a comprehensive assessment of the client's health challenges. If desired, the clinic provides advice on nutrition and diet, relevant supplements and proposes a treatment program. A short electromedical treatment is provided towards the end of the survey if the time permits. Some may respond to the treatment with detoxification symptoms, so it makes sense to start a treatment series with some short treatments. Duration can be up to three hours.

The measurements map The body's electrical functional status and provides an informative overview, which we then compile. The measurements require no intervention in the body, are precise and gentle.

Electromedical Treatment - Next Generation Medicine
The treatment consists primarily of electromedical stimulus with micro -current, a method that is internationally well documented. We complement with therapy forms such as light, laser, magnetic field therapy with infrared, vibrant light, and ionine induction therapy. When new forms of therapy that support the basic principle in our approach are introduced, these are included as far as possible:

"Proper tension (transmembrane potential) over the cell membrane is an essential key to good health"

This basic principle (popularly, you have to have enough power on the battery for the mobile to function; so it is with our cells) getting ever greater international recognition and standing well in scientific environments as well. Of course, we must have more than energy, but without the presence of correct and enough voltage (energy in electrical form), the results will fail.

When the tension is correct and balanced in the body, it causes constructive synergy. We'll summarize it briefly here:

  1. Right voltage etc. - 70 (etc., average)
  2. Automatically entails the correct pH (acid/base balance)
  3. Requires good mineral balance
  4. Requires good hydration (enough good water in the body)
  5. Provides good waste management
  6. Provides better blood circulation and oxygen supply (zetapotential etc.)
  7. Contributes to natural metabolism/ATP production
  8. Contributes to natural cell communication and growth

Gjensidige synergies ("one for all, all for one")

Advice and guidance after the hour and as part of future treatment hours. The clinic provides advice on individually tailored diet, supplements and exercise (where desirable). The equipment used in the treatment has mainly medical international approval. This is unless in terms of therapy forms that are normally included as well-being or spa treatments (they may be equally effective, but the equipment used may not be registered as medical appliances). Our recommendations on diet and grants have a scientific foundation.

3 Basic Advice to You:

Drink at least 2 liters of good water every day (If you weigh over 75 kg, you usually need more). 99 % of the molecules in our cells are water. Almost all body functions depend on good hydration.

Get as much ground as possible. Our genes (DNA) were developed while we were barefoot and in contact with soil, and up to approx. 100 years ago we were mostly in contact with the earth around the clock. Feel free to read one of our grounding articles.

Get daylight and sunlight on the body every day. Full -range daylight from the sun (and/or special bulbs) is essential to your body. More and more studies show that stays in nature are an important and effective therapy for almost all disorders.

Reservation. It is important to be aware that the clinic does not offer medical services or treats serious disorders. Persons who are seriously ill will not normally be able to receive treatment at the clinic, unless this is recommended and prescribed by the responsible physician to support wellness and strengthen the immune system. The clinic also reserves the right to reject clients who, in our opinion, should be investigated school medicine, or where the situation is so unclear that we do not consider it justifiable to offer treatment at our clinic.

Known and documented effects of electromedical treatment (including laser, infrared light, PEMF, etc.)

  • Better oxygen distribution in the body
  • Increased energy turnover in the cells (more ATP) and increased experience of energy
  • Faster repair of damaged tissue
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of stress in the body and increased wellness in general

Clinical experiences at the Integrated Medicine Clinic
Integrated medical treatment is comfortable and is based on strengthening the body's immune system and ability to self -heal. We do not cure anything, but the effect of the treatment can help increase the client's ability to self -heal. Our treatment program has as a basic philosophy that when the body has all the resources available (includes the right cell voltage) and you have a good lifestyle, it will have good chances to improve its condition.

Feedback from our clients on the effects of our therapy form over the last 10 years. The main rule is that most people experience improvement. Many have experienced improvement of, among other things. The following conditions (but not limited to them):

  • Reduced stress (very common)
  • Increased energy and well -being (very common)
  • A better functioning immune system (very common)
  • Better sleep and better mood (regular)
  • Better digestion (regular)
  • Minor pain (very common)
  • Faster recovery (very common)
  • Cleaner skin; Many people look younger and healthier (regular)
  • Better O2 recording and performance at exercise and hard load (regular)
  • More energy and better achievements by physical activities (usual)
  • Better sleep (regular)
  • Increased ability to detox (very common)

General observations from the clinic side

  • Most experience the reduction or lapse of pain
  • General improvement of diabetes type 2 and/or overweight
  • Generally 50 % faster healing (halved injury time) at sports injuries and other damage to tissue
  • Fewer viral diseases and other infections
  • Faster back at work after common diseases (colds, flu, etc.)
  • Better heart function (lower heart rate after treatment and minor rhythm disorders)
  • Increased energy level and well -being by ME and fatigue syndromes
  • Reduction in allergies
    Strengthened immune system with positive effects on a variety of disorders
  • Several cases of tinnitus (earrings) have become good
  • Generally increased quality of life for the chronically ill

Is the treatment safe? The treatment is comfortable, secure, well documented and primarily uses medical equipment that is approved, in addition to what can be referred to as well -being treatment. It can be performed at the same time as other treatment and has no harmful side effects. Any harmless side effects can be detoxification reactions and what one may experience as a temporary deterioration (as in all treatment that has an effect). If the state of health is so far weakened that you do not feel a spa stay (sauna, heat, massage and the like), we recommend acquiring our own therapy equipment for home treatment. General advice on diet, exercise and supplements can be followed anyway.

Would you like to try the next generation medicine and treatment? Do you want to know more or book an hour? Ask us for measurement hours or test time, or agree on an information meeting if desired.

Contact: Clinic for Integrated Medicine
Sjøgata 15, 1516 Moss (at Kiwi and "Bystranda")
Tel.: (+47) 22 09 18 80 between 10.00. 10 and 15

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