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Weberneedle® Endo and Compact

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Weberneedle® Endo and Compact: A comprehensive description

Introduction Weberneedle® Endo and Compact are advanced medical laser units developed by Dr. Hans-Michael Weber, known for its groundbreaking contribution to low-level laser therapy (lllt). These devices are designed for a variety of therapeutic applications, including intravenous, interstitial and topical laser therapy. Weber Medical GmbH, established in 2003, has quickly become a leading player in medical laser technology, and offers innovative solutions for the health care system in more than 50 countries.

Weberneedle® Endo Weberneedle® Endo is specially designed for direct irradiation of blood, tissues and joints from the inside with penetration depths of up to 12 cm. This CE-certified system combines advanced technologies to provide effective treatments for a variety of medical conditions.

  • Modular design: Weberneedle® Endo has a modular design that allows upgrading with up to 12 different laser modules. This gives users the flexibility to customize the device to specific treatment needs. Available laser modules include infrared, red, yellow, green, blue and ultraviolet light.
  • Uses: The device is ideal for intravenous, interstitial and intra -articular laser therapy, as well as endonasal, transcranial, vaginal and rectal application. With special fiber optic light guides, laser lights can be delivered directly to deep tissue layers, blood flow or joints, which significantly increases treatment efficiency.
  • Usability: An intuitive touch screen makes it easy to adjust parameters as laser strength (1-100%), frequencies (including preset frequencies from BAHR, nogis, reindeer) and treatment duration.

Weberneedle® Compact Designed for external/topical applications, weberneedle® Compact is ideal for treatments such as local pain management, laser acupuncture, transcranial laser therapy, as well as sublingual therapy and dental medicine application and dermatology.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) PDT is a key application of lllt that uses light sensitive medications to destroy malignant tissue without damaging healthy tissue. PDT is effective in the treatment of cancer and other diseases such as bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

  • Light sensitive medications: Uses natural products such as riboflavin, hypericin, chlorin E6, indocyaning green, curcumin and others. These substances specifically bind to tumor tissue and are activated by laser lights to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that destroys the malignant cells.
  • Combination therapies: PDT can be combined with other therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy or gene therapy for increased efficiency. For example, liposomes can load with both hypericin and doxorubicin can induce synergistic cell death by light radiation.

Benefits of WeberNeedle® Endo and Compact

  • Deep penetration: Special fiber optic light guides and cannula allow laser light to overcome the skin barrier, providing deep tissue penetration and increased therapeutic effect.
  • Flexibility and adaptation: The modular design gives users the ability to customize the device as needed and combine different lasers to increase treatment efficiency.
  • High quality and security: Weberneedle® systems are CE certified and manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring reliability and long life.

Technical Specifications for Weberneedle® Endo

  • Input power: 85-265V-1.0a 47/63Hz
  • Security: Class 1
  • Laser class: 3b
  • Number of laser ducts: 12
  • Dimensions: Height: 16.4 cm, width (incl. Handle): 60.5 cm, width (without handle): 40 cm, depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg


  • Weberneedle® Lasercath
  • Weberneedle® Plastic Cannula 22 G
  • Weberneedle® Butterfly 21 G
  • Weberneedle® IV Cathets (Y-Type) 20 G
  • Weberneedle® Lasercath with Point Turn 21 G

Conclusion Weberneedle® Endo and Compact represent state -level laser therapy technology, with a wide range of applications and a flexible, modular design that adapts to various therapeutic needs. These devices combine high quality, ease of use and effective treatment methods to improve patients' health and quality of life.

Weberneedle® Endo
Technical characteristics

  • Input power: 85-265V-1.0A 47/63Hz
  • Security class: Class 1
  • Laser class: 3B
  • Number of laser ducts: 12
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 16.4 cm
  • Width (incl. Handle): 60.5 cm
  • Width (without handle): 40 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg

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