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TimeWaver Frequency

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TimeWaver Frequency: Innovative Technology for Holistic Health

Timewaver Frequency is an advanced system that combines micro -current frequencies with TimeWaver Information field technology to support both physical and emotional well -being. The system is designed to handle acute and chronic pain, increase circulation, and promote muscle relaxation. It is a class II medical unit that is primarily used by medical professionals in clinical environments.

Technological integration and real -time analysis

Timewaver Frequency uses individual micro -current frequencies (IMF) that continuously analyzes and adjusts the frequencies used based on the patient's real -time needs. This is done through resonance analysis, which optimizes the treatments by automatically switching to necessary frequencies. The IMF application is innovative by permanently determining and adjusting the frequencies to the patient's needs during treatment. The resonance analysis function allows the system to adjust the duration of each frequency and monitor progress.

Deep balancing with information field technology

Timewaver Information field technology is designed to analyze emotional and systemic backgrounds and harmonize them through specific information and oscillation patterns. This technology expands the therapeutic spectrum and easily integrated into existing workflows. By using the information field, the system can identify underlying causes of health problems at a deeper level and provide a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Programs and applications

TimeWaver Frequency offers over 50,000 frequency databases and many programs organized according to functional categories. The system can also be adapted to individual needs with special modules to analyze and use the most suitable frequencies. Users can develop their own protocols to improve their applications, and the system includes special programs such as Deep Cycle developed by Jan Fredrik Poleszynski and Gold Cycle developed by Nuno Nina.

Benefits of Frequency Treatment

  • Improved oxygen distribution and energy level: Frequency treatment can improve oxygen distribution in the body, which is essential for cellular function and general health. Increased production of ATP, the energy of the cells, results in increased energy and vitality.
  • Faster tissue repair: Microscers can promote the healing of damaged tissue, which is especially useful after surgeries and damage.
  • Improved microcirculation: Frequency treatment can improve blood circulation, which contributes to better nutritional supply and cellular waste removal.
  • Reduction of pain and stress: Many users report reduced pain and discomfort after frequency treatment, as well as lower stress levels and increased sense of well -being.
  • Better acid handling: The treatment can help the body maintain a healthy acid-base balance, which is important for many biochemical processes.
  • Shorter recovery time: Athletes and other users often experience shorter recovery time after exercise or injuries, with up to 50 % faster improvement.
  • More energy and better sleep: Many report increased energy levels and better quality of sleep after treatment.
  • Better hormone production: Frequency treatment can support the body's hormonal balance, which has a variety of health benefits.

Timewaver Frequency and the role of frequency treatment in holistic health

The TimeWaver Frequency system is designed to harmonize imbalances in the bioenergetic field. The system analyzes and adjusts the frequencies used in real time, ensuring optimal treatment for the patient. This innovative approach makes it possible to target specific health problems and support the body's natural healing processes effectively.

By integrating TimeWaver Frequency into your clinical practice, you can expand your treatment options and offer your patients a more holistic approach to health. With minimal operator intervention, the system can work independently, which gives you more time to focus on other patients and tasks.

Security information

No medical approval: Timewaver Frequency is not approved as a medical treatment of traditional school medicine. This means that it is not scientifically proven that the system can cure or treat diseases.

No replacement for professional health care: Timewaver Frequency should never replace professional help from a doctor or other qualified health care provider. If you have health problems, it is important to seek help from a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Individual assessment: Use of TimeWaver Frequency should always be assessed individually and should be discussed with a doctor or other health care provider who is familiar with your specific needs and health.

Possible reservations

  • Microscers: Although microscers are considered safe for use on the skin, there may be individual reactions or contraindications. Consult a doctor before use if you have a pacemaker or other implanted devices.
  • Research: Despite the reservations above, there are studies on some methods used in Timewaver Frequency, as mentioned under "Cranial Electro Stimulation" and "Frequency Therapy". However, it is important to note that studies do not necessarily mean that the method is effective for everyone.

For further information and ordering of the product, a demonstration at the Integrated Medicine Clinic (Moss-Norway) Contact UNO Vita AS on phone 22 09 18 80 (10-14 weekdays) or e-mail

Timewaver Frequency represents the future of integrated medicine by combining advanced technology with holistic health principles to promote holistic well -being.

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