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Spinor Vernada Odo

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Spinor Vernada Odo 
Neutralizer adapter for protection agains harmful Wi-Fi EMF torsion field for your home office. Vernada Geo is a protection against the negative impact of Wi-Fi, as well as geopathic zones indoor. 

Vernada Odo is a protection against the negative impact of Wi-Fi, as well as geopathic zones indoor
and neutralizes negative effect of Wi-Fi router, router, wireless networks radiation, as well as geopathic zones in apartments, offices and other premises, protecting people from the harmful effects of radiation. The fact that Wi-Fi networks are harmful to the body, are already writing the foreign media, and recent studies of Ukrainian scientists confirm this facts.

Today you’ll hear about the radiation around you that can affect you, it can affect your immune system and damage your DNA. There’s the signals that send out microwave radiation, including WiFi, G4 and G5, the signals from your TV and from your smart meters. By taking cost effective and prudent precautions, you can minimize the effects the radiation around you has on your body. Devices Spinor helps to protect you from hazard EMF radiation

The principle of operation of the device is based on the law of harmonization of confined space, which we discovered. The device effectively neutralizes the harmful effects radiation of a Wi-Fi router, router, wireless networks, as well as geopathic Vernada Odo works within the walls of a room or office. (Using the device for only one room or room, office.) The device for protection of users against negative effect from PC computer monitors, other electronic equipment, creates two right formed static torsion fields propagating in the form of symmetrical cones at a distance depending on the number of creative poly-forms - creators (material objects with the appropriate surface geometry). The principle of the device is based on the law of harmonization of a closed space, which we have discovered. The essence of the law has not yet been disclosed until the end of the multiple verification of the process. Advantage of this model in comparison with VernadaGeo - there is no need to plug-in the device in the electrical network. But this is a disadvantage of this device, since it harmonizes the space in only one room. In addition, VernadOdo can be used to eliminate the negative impact of a cell phone base stations on the live. To do this, the device must be placed in any convenient location near the base station. This device has an advantage over Vernada, since there is no need to determine the "power points" that are required when using the mentioned Vernada. Vernada-Odo can also be used in the metro.

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On the effect of Wi-Fi radiation
In connection with the development of the Internet Wi-Fi system is being widely implemented. In recent years, the Internet There are lots of articles on the issue, devoted to the problem of Wi-Fi dangerous impact on the health, and not only addresses the effect of radiation in this case on the human body, but also on trees, living systems. Wireless networks do irreparable harm to the health of children and adolescents. Note that the Wi-Fi operates in the same frequency as the microwave oven (microwave).

Published a large number of studies that have shown that Wi-Fi adversely affects the health of mammals, in particular on the man health . Diseases caused by Wi-Fi, most often identified cancer, heart disease, dementia and memory loss. In the USA, the UK and Germany are increasingly refusing to Wi-Fi in schools, hospitals, and universities.

Vernada - Odo eliminates the negative effects of Wi-Fi everywhere, where the device is in the room. 

On the influence of geopathic zones
There is a fairly compelling world statistics of disease in humans, that has been in geopathic zones of the Earth. These facts require serious consideration, however, has obvious need to develop a device for preventing the pathogenic action of these zones on the biological system. Usual effect of geopathic zones on the human assessed by his state of health after a long stay in the area.

Typically, this is done by interviewing people already infected and to establish the presence of geopathic zones in the places of their long stay by the method of dowsing. Investigation of the influence of geopathic zones on the human involved scientists from different countries and different specialties. The main pathogenic zones experts believe global rectangular and diagonal degree grid.
Rectangular grid is oriented to the cardinal points. In our latitudes, the distance between the wires is about 2 meters in a north - south and 2.5 m east - west. The width of the grid lines is approximately 20 cm. It has been reported that the geopathic and their intersection - nodes oscillate with a frequency of 1 month on a cycloid, shifting from its original position on 1.1,5 m.

Enduring human presence in the area of ​​influence of geopathic zones adversely affects his health. Especially dangerous is long-term residence in places of intersection of these lines. For longer stays in a hostile zone functions of different organs more and more frustrated. People inevitably ill.
The most common are: • cancer, cardiovascular and neuro-psychiatric disorders, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, provokes functional violation accelerates the development of inflammation and leads to deformation of own body biofield and, as a consequence, to serious diseases - various forms of cancer, violations of the coronary and cerebral circulation, polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis.
Unfortunately, doctors are not always associated these functional disorders with influence of geopathic zones, trying to treat patients in many ways, including unsafe health products.

At present, the simplest and safest way to avoid the risk of serious illness caused by exposure to the left torsion fields geopathic zones is the use of protective devices Vernada - Geo. An alternative way - once a year to change the location of beds in the bedroom.

Report tests of the "Vernada Geo" device no. 290914-3457-UA