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SCENAR Super Pro v. 2

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RITMSCENAR Super Pro v. 2
The RITMSCENAR Super Pro for Professionals is the newest development in SCENAR technology by RITM OKB. 

This is the current upgrade for the most versatile professional device developed in transition to the new generation of SCENAR devices. It includes all the most important functions for professional use. As compared with the previous version of the device (RITMSCENAR Pro Plus), its functionality is extended to include the third mode of screening (Dose 5) — screening with the local electrode. The most important ’know-how’ of the device is the mode of double biofeedback that allows determining necessary stimulation parameters in acute states in the automatic mode. The device includes factory pre-settings (presets) to be applied in cosmetology, massage therapy, in treating chronic states, for stimulation before and after athletic training, and also for recovery after traumas. Thanks to them the user without SCENAR therapy experience can obtain good results after the first sessions. Besides, the device has a color display and new accessible interface. The updated menu with fast navigation functions allows to considerably reducing the time period required to make the device ready for operation.

The SCENAR Super Pro 2 is the most advanced and multifunctional model, incorporating all available functions and signal variables developed up to date in SCENAR® technology, including the newest bioGap, bioInt and bioF functions. Two Dose modes and three screening modes are available for identifying optimal treatment zones and monitoring the treatment process. Additionally, the SCENAR® Super Pro v2 supports four SWING modes, providing the most possible signal variance, useful in treating chronic pain. With its 32 pre-built setting combinations, the practitioner can start using the device straight out of the box and provide effective treatment with minimal training. It is a light-weight, portable and easy to use SCENAR device that delivers a non-invasive, interactive electrical stimulation via the patient’s skin. SCENAR technology has been proven to provide quick and sustainable pain relief in a wide range of painful conditions, increased function, and quicker rehabilitation.

The RITMSCENAR® Professional device range is designed for medical and allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Veterinarians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Practitioners, Podiatrists, Massage and Sports Therapists. RITMSCENAR® Professional devices are micro-computers with built-in electrodes that deliver complex electrical signals directly to the skin.

The SCENAR™ impulse waveforms and frequencies change automatically to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation.
The RITMSCENAR™ Professional series devices measure the body response of the electrical signal and display the information on an LCD screen. This allows the practitioner to view current readings and choose the most appropriate mode of operation and zone of treatment.

The SCENAR Super Pro v. 2 device supports five Dose Modes and one Manual Mode (Dose 0):
Dose 0 (Manual Mode) – all device settings, localization of active points and treatment durations are determined subjectively by the therapist.
Dose 1 and Dose 2 – treatment of a particular skin area is dosed automatically by the device. The treatment time is determined by the device and depends on the changes in skin parameters.
Screening Modes – Dose 3, Dose 4, and Dose 5 - screening modes for quick determination of the most optimal treatment zones. Dose 4 is the newest feature, allowing the Practitioner to quickly identify asymmetries in liable application.The device can be set up with various amplitude modulations depending on the stage of the pain process, treatment area and the individual response of the body. 

Professional SCENAR devices are light-weight, portable and easy to use which deliver a non-invasive, interactive electrical stimulation via the patient’s skin. It is intended to be used as an analgesic peripheral nerve stimulator for treatment of pain associated with a broad range of medical conditions.
The SCENAR Professional device range is designed for medical and allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Veterinarians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Practitioners, Podiatrists, Massage, Sports Therapists and others to complement their practices with an effective and sustainable pain management tool.
They can be also applied by users with no medical education after passing the SCENAR training courses.

Benefits for professional medical practice:
• SCENAR is small, hand-held device that requires no calibration, consumables or special maintenance.
• The treatment is non-invasive, painless and comfortable for patients.
• SCENAR technology is proven to provide effective pain relief and faster recovery times. SCENAR can be particularly effective on certain chronic conditions where other treatments have failed.
• Few contraindications: patients with pacemaker, pregnancy, serious mental diseases.
• Enhanced results from SCENAR Therapy can lead to increased patient referrals
•Compatible with other therapies

The device would be the best tool for medical professionals in many areas. It is supplied complete with a local electrode used for screening in Dose 5 mode.

Technical data

  • Power supply 4 x AAA batteries
  • Maximum current
  • consumption 650 mA or less
  • Stimuli frequency 15 - 350 Hz
  • Display Colored LCD matrix
  • Amplitude modulation settings (AM) 1:1; 2:1; 3:1; 4:1; 5:1; single burst of high intensity – ‘BEE mode’
  • Frequency modulation mode (FM) 30 Hz-120 Hz frequency range with 7 sec cycle
  • Dosed mode Dose 1 mode: integral dose and null
  • Dose 2: differential dose
  • Screening mode Dose 3, Dose 4 and Dose 5 (screening with a local electrode)
  • Damping modes 4 constant modes, 1 variable mode
  • Intensity (number of
  • impulses in burst) 1-8 impulses in a burst with a gap from 200 to 1600 μs
  • Energy level tuning 1-250
  • Combined modulation
  • mode Sw1, Sw2, Sw3 and Sw4: pulse shape, gap between pulses and stimuli
  • frequency simultaneously change in 4 different combinations; this also refers
  • to the additional variation of the number of impulses in a burst
  • Factory / savable user
  • presets 32 / 5

Dimensions 190х70х40 mm
Weight 0.4 kg

32 presets
1 Fast Aid
2 SubAcute
3 ChronicPain
4 Irradiation
5 PointPain
6 LocalPain
7 Symetry
8 Centr.Pain
9 Periph.Pain
10 JointAcute
11 JointChron
12 JointTraum
13 JointCaps
14 Trigger
15 Preparation
16 Myo
17 Relax
18 LittlMuscul
19 BigMuscul
20 Myo Sup
21 Myo Uni
22 Myo Deep
23 Stim Relax
24 Myo Isoton
25 Sport Prep
26 Sport After
27 Milk Acid
28 Acute Trauma
29 Limph
30 Low FM
31 High FM
32 FM-Var

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