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CellVital PEMF Glasses

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PEMF Glasses, designed for optical use


  • International patent for clearing Electrosmog
  • International patent for Ion Transport
  • International patent for the Resonance Phenomenon

Why our system works?!
EMF elimination and ion transport
During the extensive research, one of the most remarkable findings was the broad range of the device’s effectiveness as a universal remedy. The reason: the frequencies worked on the root cause...the body’s sick cells. All chronic diseases are always based on impaired cell function and low voltage / sick cells.

How does it work?
By supercharging your cells
Damaged, injured and dysfunctional cells are areas of the body that have become lower in cellular energy charge. Lower Energy levels in cells, is the cause of Lower Quality Production from those cells. Cells repair, and replace, and duplicate brand-new cells (over the entire body) every 3 to 7 months. New replacement cells, that have been produced by cells with low energy, will perform poorly, providing less quality work than higher energy cells. This is called aging and disease.

The CellVital PEMF System naturally restores cell functioning and improves weak functional cycles by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) programs that are equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body. The currents of these natural frequencies are carried throughout every area of the body, creating a process of restoration and stimulation that permeates every cell. By strengthening and stabilizing the body’s previously weakened fields, one can receive a multitude of benefits. The human body consists of trillions of cells harmoniously working together.

Experienced effects:

  • Feel younger
  • Feel more energized
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress

The PEMI truly energizes all your cells!
Inner workings. What may happen in a 24-minute session

Elimination of electrosmog
A patented process removes interfering fields, which creates an optimal environment for the device to work most effectively. Most other devices output higher than the World Health Organization's approved level of 100 mT. Even at our highest intensity, we only operate at 40μT.

Increased ion transport

Our patented process increases the energetic charge of a cell by improving the cell’s ATP production. This process enhances the efficiency in which charged molecules or atoms (energy) are received from, food, water, and air. These floating ions enter the cell walls more easily and bring the provided nutrients to be metabolized, which creates ATP in large amounts. A standard, healthy cell membrane measures at 70-110 mV, while a sick person’s often measures around 40-50 mV.

  • Intensified Vascular Release of Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)
  • Endothelia cell receptors are stimulated, releasing more NO. This, in turn, causes a rise in the calcium-ion concentration, which leads to a pH subsidence. This sensitizes the baroreceptors, the sympathetic nerve is restricted, and the vascular dilatation is intensified.
  • NO, a labile link with a short half-life, has a central meaning in controlling the vascular resistance. NO controls many central functions such as the neurotransmitters and the macrophages-cytotoxin, while additionally hindering the platelet aggregation.
  • Improved circulation and waste removal
  • Direct influence of the electromagnetic tension at the vascular membrane.
  • Increased oxygen diffusion 80-900% within 8 to 16 Minutes and Lasts 8 to 12 Hours


The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. The purpose of this website is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge. It is not intended to be a used as medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

Cellvital-Homecare THERAPIE ...
Cellular Training

  • It’s a biophysical procedure of vascular and cellular training
  • It uses electromagnetic induction to regulate the ionic fl ow within the body (blood vessels, tissues and cells)
  • It resets the metabolic activities of the cell

The electromagnetic impulses of Cellvital-Homecare are able to satisfy the natural impulse to movement,
therefore determining all the positive effects that are typical of an active movement.

Why is Cellvital-Homecare therapy so important?
all YOU need is MOVEMENT

The less we move, the less our body generates stimulating impulses, consequently acting with apathy. Cells are not simply activated by their own regulation; indeed, they also require a constant activation, which is given by a “start” signal correlated with movement. Without movement, a cellular decay slowly takes place. There’s no life without movement. Each movement impulse activates various neurotransmitters, such as calcium ions, leading the mitochondria (our energy factories)

to produce a sufficient amount of energy. The electromagnetic impulses produced by Cellvital-Homecare mimic these natural impulses through a request of calcium ions’ inclusion and a subsequent production of energy within the mitochondria. Regular use of the Cellvital-Homecare stimulation therapy can obviate
the lack of physical activity and thus compensate the cellular deficit that comes with it.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This is particularly important for people that don’t have time to dedicate to movement on a daily or regular basis, such as managers, housewives, professionals, students, as well as sick people or individuals with reduced movement ability (i.e. disabled people).

Cellvital-Homecare THERAPY: an effective and safe technology
Science and research 

1. Exponential Function. The shape of the magnetic impulse is essential to activate the signal induced by the device. The Exponential Function curve is “the expression of all living things”. All the impulses used by the Cellvital-Homecare technology operate according
to this Exponential Function curve. This is a singular impulse curve that recreates the natural processes within the body and guarantees a reinforced ionic alignment and an accelerated ionic transport, which has a fundamental role in cellular revitalization.

2. Electrosmog-free therapy.
 Thanks to an accurate selection of the materials’ quality and to a broad endowment of scientifi c competence, the Cellvital-Homecare technology is electrosmog-free. The TCO measurement detected is thus totally compliant to regulations:
< 0.5 v/m. The maximum allowed level is indeed 10 v/m. It is worth noticing that this value is exceeded by many electromagnetic
devices by 15–20 times.

3. The Fibonacci Code
, the key to perfect blood circulation.The Fibonacci Code of the Cellvital-Homecare signal allows to access the vascular system circulation with optimal timing and near each organ and cell.

  • Optimization of tissues oxygen consumption
  • Regulation/new regulation at the expense of the Autonomic
  • Nervous System

Cellvital: The Secret
The essential is invisible. With the wealth of information which is available to us via the media and the internet, it's nearly impossible for someone to get an objective view in the jungle of therapy procedures, medication or nutrients. Good advice for more exercise, for losing weight or radical operations seem to illustrate the obvious aging process more than to grasp it at the beginning. And with botox, hyaluron, liposuction or lifting it is always obvious that getting rid of signs of aging doesn't make us any younger inside. Especially in the rejuvenation area, which should prevent increasing aging and its clear result which only really becomes visible after years, the superficial beauty industry prevents you from searching for the real pathological changes. As inspite of "body & shape" within our bodies a malicious aging scenario can be brewing up on the inside. Even so there are already effective methods to interfere with aging progression and especially before it occurs. It's about direct cell stimulation to win back the body's own regeneration and cell repair system. To reverse aging is no longer illusionary fiction, but an conscious decision for new medication which is already available in humans. 

Cellvital / exploit your biological potential far beyond what was thought possible via targeted stimulation of the cells. Cellvital: exploit your biological potential far beyond what was thought to be possible via targeted cell stimulation. 

Why do we grow old/Definition
Aging process = our body's decrease in it's ability to adapt = the vitality (liveliness) of our body's cells decreases. In the biology dictionary (Spektrum Publishing) aging is defined as follows: "The term "aging" is unclear and in everyday use has a negative connotatio: a child develops, gets older, but doesn't age."

If you look at aging from different biological perspectives then it's useful to choose the most comprehensive definition for this, heterogenous within the organisms process: aging is an irreversible, time dependent change of structure and function of living systems. (The term "aging" should be used for inaminate systems). Generally aging of an organism is characterised by the decrease in it's ability to adapt to environmental influences. Physiological mechanisms which serve to preserve the inner ambiences can no longer complete their tasks quickly and precisely enough the homeostasis is disrupted. As a consequence of the aging process the mortality rate increases and the vitality decreases. "Vitality" is also equivalent to "biological age".

The Cell 
The cell is the smallest living entity of all living things. It forms an essentail biological organisational unit, from which nearly all known living things are based on. Cells have the ability to reproduce autonomously and support themselves. Cells also have common essential capabilities such as metabolic processes, absorbing raw materials (ions, oxygen, proteins, ...) whose transformation into new components and energy and processing waster products, protein biosynthesis and more. The human body is made up of several trillion cells approx. 80 to 220 different cell types which connect to certain tissues. Dr. Alexis Carrel, a French doctor received a Nobel prize in 1935 for his research, which made it possible for him to keep the cells of a chicken's heart alive for 34 years. "The cell is immortal. It is only the liquid which surrounds it, which degenerates. Renew this liquid, give the cell what it needs for its food, and the energy of life can last eternally". Dr. Alexis Carrel

The Pro-Aging-Trance 
Aging keeps us in a psychological stranglehold. We can't see things as they are, but rather how we are. The Talmud. As deep in our hearts, most people already know that ultimately it IS possible to OVERCOME aging. As long as the possibility to fight aging quickly remains small and it seems irrational then we accept it. But it is possible. If you only believe that there is perhaps a one percent probability of overcoming aging during your life (or during the life time of a person that you love) the spark of hope will gnaw at your understanding and let the Pro Aging Trance be unpleasantly fragile. It doesn't matter whether you have worked at convincing yourself that aging isn't really that much of a bad thing. Only if you are absolutely convinced that aging cannot be changed will you be able to sleep well at night. "The second half of your life can be better than the first half ... the second half of your life can be wonderful!" Ageless: Suzanne Somers Anti-aging Expert and Best-Seller Author

The Aging Test
The true biological age status: how old are you really? With the biological age status vegetative strain and reaction patterns for your personal attitude to life become visible. Especially your attitude to life may have a strong constraining influence on your experiences in life. What you really desire or what really reflects your mentality is often suppressed by convention ("what will the others think") or the pressure to "adapt". The disappointment which comes from this and at the same time the inability to be able to express these things emotionally often creates a powerful inner stress situation. This is something which accelerates the aging process and the visible signs which go with it (skin, hair, eyes, nails and illnesses). A decreased fever reaction to illnesses, or the fact that you haven't had any flu for years don't always speak for strong health but are also the advanced warning for a "non-reaction" of internal regulation processes. Also if you have a strong need for harmony then this isn't always a loveable character trait but rather a permanent challenge which can take up a large amount of your energy.

Important. This evaluation does not diagnose any illness but shows up signs or premature / fast aging process which can endanger your health as a risk factor. If you analyse for example certain chronic illnesses such as arterioscleriosis or pain, often typical behaviour traits and reaction patterns of the body are visible often years before. It doesn't make the "mind" ill, but it's the vegetative nervous system, which is often not in the position, to be able to effectively contra-regulate a permanent load of stress. Constant overloading of the vegetative nervous system increases for example the probability considerably of a so-called "insulin resistance", which according to the latest research is the only cause for diabetes mellitus type 2 (sugar intolerance). If the stress has had an effect for a longer period of time then the normal stress response becomes derailed, i.e. the body's ability to react or adapt becomes more and more. The result of the "biological age status" should serve as showing dangers to your health, which don't show up under a normal diagnosis. It should motivate you not to understand that health is not the absence of illnesses, but rather as a physical-spiritual state of balance, which needs to be provided with the necessary energy every day. Even if healthy eating habits, lots of physical exercise and a lively attitude to life play a decisive role, many people aren't in the position to be able to meet these active demands due to their social situation, their age and dedication to their job. This is why it's important to take the opportunity to stay healthy via additional possibilities and procedures.

The Technology
The magnetic field: importance for humans
The deficiency syndrome 

A long-term study at a Japanese hospital brought to light that a range of “illnesses for civilisation” are linked to the decrease in the earth’s magnetic field. This discovery puts the constant calls for physical exercise by doctors, politicians and media into a completely different light. Not only is exercise on its own important for staying healthy but also the pulsation which comes from moving over the earth’s actual magnetic static field. The electromagnetic frequencies which occur from this contain information which our bodies obviously receive via finely tuned antennae and have evolved as part of human development over hundreds of thousands of years. The less we move, the less our bodies receive electromagnetic and the more apathetic our cell system becomes. Cells do not consistently just work on their own, but need a constant stimulus via (movement related) starter impulses. If these are not forthcoming, then our cells begin to deteriorate slowly.

Thus the important question, is it not then legitimate to shorten tedious and time-consuming exercise by a few minutes of Cellvital stimulation for the well-being for our own healthy-cells? The earth’s magnetic field protects the earth from harmful radiation from the cosmos. Its oscillation frequency of 7.8 Hz corresponds exactly to the frequency of our command centre in our brain, the hypothalamus. Observations from space travel prove how important the influence of the earth’s magnetic field on all organic life on earth and especially for the human body is. To stay healthy, nature needs if possible undisturbed oscillations from the earth’s magnetic field, clean water and air and a balanced supply of nutrients. The earth’s magnetic field is static by nature. Depending on the physical human urge to exercise a natural pulsation comes from this movement. With this link between the earth’s magnetic static field and the pulsation induced by movement the intensity levels of electromagnetic waves are multiplied. This fact forms the basis of the innovative CellVital technology: a pulsating magnetic field combined with the power of a static magnetic field which boosts the effect in the human body.

The earth’s magnetic field is a driving force for many important biological processes in the body and without them a healthy (happy), unscathed life isn’t possible. Several decades ago scientists were able to prove that cells only react to electromagnetic signals within a defined frequency and area of intensity. This area is called biological windows. Towards the end of the last century special magnetic field devices needed to be developed for aerospace as it was proven that after astronauts returned to earth they suffered health problems: such as retarded recovery, changes within the blood, muscles and bone mass. After upgrading the magnetic field technology in the spacecraft these problems no longer occurred. How important magnetism is for essential processes in the body can be seen in the Nobel Prize awarded in 2003. Two scientists, Peter Agre and Roderic McKinnon were able to prove that water is transported in the human body via special water channels, so-called “aquaporins”. A magnetic mechanism is responsible for transporting these water molecules. If this mechanism is damaged or disturbed, then numerous biochemical or biophysical processes are affected. Small changes in the magnetic field can already change this and lead, for example, to glitches in the water transport of the cells.

Cell stimulation – our cells: the energy provider for our body 
Even if, for each organ, there are different specialists, it is quite clear that the cause of all diseases is always a cellular function problem and deficit. For example, fatigue and weakness are always an expression of a modified “electrical” cell voltage*. In older people, it is usually at the bottom. If the cellular voltage is no longer measurable, we have reached the afterlife. A very low cellular membrane voltage "strangely" characterises even cancer.

"Forget your age and ask yourself: How old is my energy?"
Suzanne Somers – Ageless – Anti-aging Expert and Best seller author

If the electric voltage falls below a certain level healthy cells turn into ill cells. The mere fact that, whether the energy production within the cell is working, the protein synthesis is running or the "waste disposal" is in progress, decides which type of disease we can expect. If you start with revitalising your cells, rather than "tinkering on your own" on an organ or a syndrome, it will save you unnecessary detours and often significant burdens and restrictions. Pulsating electro magnetic stimulation easily reaches our organism, thus electromagnetic signals or important information can be transported into our 100 trillion body cells. Result: Better sleep, greater concentration and stamina, all of which help to reduce the signs of aging appreciably. 

Biological Windows
The term "Biological windows" comes from the Californian neurologist William Ross Adey. He was able to demonstrate from the calcium efflux from rabbits brain cells, that this effect can only be triggered off with certain magnetic field intensity.

With "biological windows" you describe an intensity and frequency area which the cellular tissue is especially receptive to. This corresponds to certain cell receptors which can only react to defined frequencies. Subsequently this "resonance effect" enhances or unblocks natural signals, which are indispensable for metabolic processes, circulation, cell renewal, creating energy or for the immune defence systems.

E-function: Movement by pressing the button. The type of magnetic impulse is decisive for the effectiveness of the signal which is induced by the device. The e-function curve is an "expression for every living thing".  All impulses from the Cellvital Homecare technology correspond to the e-function curve. This is the only impulse curve which can be felt by our natural processes in the body and guarantee an enhanced alignment of the ions and a forced transport of the ions, which play a decisive role in vitalising a cell.The cell membrane potential as well as the aerobic energy creation can be especially increased at a cellular level thanks to the special properties of the Cellvital Homecare system. The Cellvital Homecare system is able to re-align the ions and to transport them via impulse curves like an e-function. This procedure was developed and protected internationally by Prof. Dr. Fischer AG.

Fibonacci Code and the Cardiovascular system: Nature's engineering prosess
The technological innovation (Fibonacci Code) contained in the Cellvital Homecare enables the blood supply (blood vessel structure) to be provided to every organ and cell in optimum time and via the shortest path.

> Optimised absorption of oxygen in the tissues.
> Regulate / re-adjust the vegetative nervous system leads to improved circulation, better sleep, effective and quick detoxification, ...

Electrosmog. Electrosmog or e-smog is a colloquial expression for all electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, which are partially assumed to have (undesired) biological effects. The tolerability of proven emissions from electromagnetic fields for the environment, especially for compatibility with health and reasonability for humans are described by the term EMCE (electromagnetic compatibility with the environment). Living things, who can feel such things are classed as electro-sensitive. The admissible limits, as part of the EMCE, are regulated by guidelines, norms and laws. The influence of electromagnetic fields on technical equipment is described in the electromagnetic compatibility. Cellvital Homecare is based on extensive library of their own scientific know-how. This is why TCO readings according to the Norm are 30 cm above the CV-HC product: <0.5V/m. The TCO Norm prescribes frequency band 1 (5Hz to 2kHz), this means in the range where all magnetic field therapy devices work, a maximum value of 10 V/m.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). In biology ATP is considered to be the energy of life. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the "energy currency" of every cell in our body. It is the molecule with the most energy and most efficient for storing energy. ATP is produced in the mitochondria of our body cells. 

The Mitochondria are the "energy power stations", of our cells. Every day they produce the right quantity of ATP for our body weight. Example: 1 man who weighs 80 kg needs 80 kg of ATP per day. Our whole energy supply depends on our body being able to produce enough ATP. We constantly need energy for numerous metabolic processes, for cell repair and replacement etc. A considerable share of the energy we need each day is needed purely for maintaining our body temperature. Mitochondria are cell organelles which work as "energy power stations" for the cells and are thus responsible for producing the energy for our bodies. They work for the cells to produce, store and distribute energy. In each human cell there are up to 2,000 mitochondria, which produce the quantity of ATP (see above) necessary for our body weight every day. Cells with high metabolism such as muscles and organs need more mitochondria. Without mitochondria the cell becomes inoperative and dies.

Calcium ions. Calcium ions are the most important messenger substance (neuro transmitter) within all body cells. Outside the cell the concentration of calcium ions is 1,000 times higher than within the cells. If a cell is stimulated by an electric nerve impulse, a hormone or by a pulsating magnetic field then the openings in the cell's membrane (ion channels) expand especially. If these then open or their electrical conduction systems turns to "green" the calcium ions then flood the "lower-lying or calcium-less" regions in a flash and trigger off, depending on the cells, very different reactions. nerve impulses are sent to the working muscles hormones are released the activity of enzymes is increased (i.e. improved digestion) anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergic effects (boosts the effectiveness of the immune system)

Cell membrane potential. Description for the existing electrical potential difference between the inside of a cell and the extra cellular fluid separated by membranes (potential). The formation of a membrane potential is a characteristic of all cells. It has an important function for lots of biological processes. The membrane potential is especially important for nerve cells, muscle cells (muscles and muscular system) and sensory cells.

Energy Production. With the pulsating electro-magnetic field treatment the energy production system (mitochondria) is stimulated, which usually only happens in situations where stamina is needed or in periods of heavy physical activity. Subsequently large quantities of ATP are created. The cells adjust to the new state of a pulsating electro-magnetic treatment within a few minutes and create after only 10 minutes which make the multiple demands on ATP for the ion pumps superfluous. The mitochondria however work for a much longer time and create a much greater quantity of energy. Result: Cellvital magnetic stimulation impulses trigger the creation of aerobic ATP for a longer period of time and thus create valuable energy for the body.