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PMST NEO+ (high intensity PEMF and laser therapy)

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PMST NEO+ (High-Intensity PEMF and Laser Therapy)
2-in-1 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Super Transduction + Laser Therapy
The PMST NEO+ is custom-designed and tailored for Uno Vita and its clientele.

General Information
The Physio Magneto Super Transduction Plus Laser NIRS Therapy represents a cutting-edge adaptation of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy. This therapeutic technique employs high-frequency magnetic fields, delving deep into the body to promote healing and provide pain relief. It stands out for its applications, which span wound healing, tissue repair, collagen production, swelling and inflammation reduction, joint health enhancement, improved physical performance, sports injury recovery, analgesic pain relief, and mitigation of muscle spasms.

Designed as a non-invasive solution, this treatment targets individuals with musculoskeletal conditions, using electromagnetic fields to accelerate healing and reduce pain. Treatments encompasses joint diseases, sports injury-induced pain, inflammation of tendons and joints, overstrained tendons, osteitis pubis, chronic pains including backaches and lumbago, radiculopathy, heel pain, degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis in various joints, herniated discs, and spondyloarthritis.

The depth of penetration achieved by the Physio Magneto Super Transduction Plus Laser NIRS Therapy varies with frequency. High-frequency magnetic fields (ranging between 1000 – 3000 Hz) facilitate deep-layer tissue treatments targeting tendons, bones, etc. In contrast, oscillation frequencies up to 100 Hz cater to superficial tissue treatments, such as muscles.

PMST NEO+ heralds new frontiers in regeneration and rehabilitation. It distinguishes itself from standard magnetic field therapies or PEMF due to its elevated oscillation frequency. Its unique properties and robust field strength allow for an impressive penetration depth (up to 18 cm) and a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications.

Common Indications

  • Impingement syndrome
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Groin strain
  • Fracture healing

Special Indications

  • Prostate therapy
  • Sexual health
  • Vaginal pain syndrome
  • Pelvic floor training (for enhanced sexual experience, incontinence, etc.)
  • Neurological diseases
  • Improved sleep quality

Cold Laser Therapy
Ensure the security and stability of home laser treatment combined with the precision of medical laser therapy. The treatment procedure is non-invasive, trauma-free, 100% safe, and painless. An optimal fusion of medical laser at 808 nm (near-infrared) and home laser at 650 nm (red light) has exhibited remarkable therapeutic outcomes. The method has validated efficacy in pain relief, inflammation reduction, soft tissue therapy, and skin injury treatment. It champions natural healing, is non-invasive, and assures no side effects or cross-infection.


  • 100% safe, effective, and painless
  • Comfortable treatment without the necessity to undress (for maximum laser effectiveness, direct skin contact is advised)
  • Field intensity upped by 30% (up to 5 Tesla or 5000 Gaus)
  • Diode laser output peaks at 5600 mW
  • Frequency capabilities up to 3000 Hz (PEMF) and up to 100 Hz (pulsed light)
  • Unique integrated applicator
  • Flexibly adjustable holding arm
  • Intuitive touchscreen operations
  • Distinctive ring-type field
  • Advanced diode laser therapy

Time to invest in an very effective therapy - choose NEO+ from Uno Vita 


  • Product name: Pulsed Electromagnetic Super Transduction&Laser
  • Model: PM-ST NEO+
  • Magnetic field strength: maximum 5T
  • MT mode: 1-100Hz for muscle stimulation and contraction
  • ST mode: 1000-3000Hz for rehabilitation and regeneration of bones, tendons and ligaments
  • Laser Wavelength: 650NM/808NM
  • Performance of the the field: 92T/S
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Output power: 1200W
  • Oscillation frequncy in ST mode 1000-3000Hz
  • Oscillation frequncy in MT mode 1-100Hz
  • Water cooling system
  • Water 2.5L


  • Alu box inside and carton box outside
  • Package size
  • 66*60*50CM
  • Gross weight
  • 44KG

Pulsed High-Intensity Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and Frequency Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

General Philosophy of Clinic for Integrative Medicine (Moss)
Everything in the physical realm is fundamentally electromagnetic, resonating at various frequencies. This resonance informs the function of cells, organs, and emotions. Everything is informational energy, and it is this informational energy that the following technologies aim to modulate for better health outcomes.

General Information on High-Intensity PEMF

Definition: High-intensity PEMF is characterized by a flux density greater than 1 mT or 10 Gauss.
Biological Effects: Effects can be positive or negative depending on frequency, waveform, duration, and target tissue. Positive outcomes include pain relief, wound healing, nerve regeneration, and cellular metabolism. On the downside, hormone secretion, DNA damage, and oxidative stress have been observed.

Optimal Frequency: The ideal frequency varies with the specific outcome and individual condition:
Higher than 100 Hz for cellular metabolism, oxygen uptake, ATP production.
31-100 Hz for nerve regeneration, wound healing, and pain relief.
0.5-30 Hz to resonate with natural body rhythms for a stronger biological effect.

Effects Based on Frequency Range
Pulsed High-Intensity Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF):

Low Frequencies (1-30 Hz)

  • Cellular Energy Production: Stimulates ATP production within the 1-10 Hz range.
  • Pain Relief: 2-5 Hz inhibits pain signals sent to the brain.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Around 5-10 Hz.
  • Stress Reduction: Induces delta and theta brainwaves.
  • Circulation: 16 Hz improves circulation and oxygenation.
  • Cellular Energy Production: Frequencies in the 1-10 Hz range stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, enhancing cellular energy.
  • Pain Relief: The 2-5 Hz range is effective for pain relief as it may inhibit pain signals to the brain.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Frequencies around 5-10 Hz have anti-inflammatory effects and are also suitable for bone growth and fracture healing.
  • Stress Reduction: Lower frequencies induce delta and theta brainwaves, reducing stress and improving sleep.
  • Circulation: Frequencies around 16 Hz improve circulation and oxygenation of tissues.

Medium Frequencies (31-1000 Hz)

  • Muscle Stimulation: 50-60 Hz causes muscle contraction.
  • Nerve Repair: 200-800 Hz beneficial for nerve repair, with specific positive effects at 650 Hz.
  • Improved Cellular Uptake: Enhances nutrient and oxygen uptake.
  • Bone Healing: Around 76 Hz accelerates bone healing.
  • Muscle Stimulation: The 50-60 Hz range can cause muscle contraction and is used for muscle stimulation.
  • Nerve Repair: Frequencies in the 200-800 Hz range have shown promise for nerve repair, including positive effects on sciatic nerve repair.

High Frequencies (1000-3000 Hz)

  • Deep Tissue Penetration: Less surface bio-effects but effective at penetrating deeper tissues.
  • Stress Response: Induces a mild stress response, aiding cellular repair.
  • Calcium Efflux: Increases calcium efflux.
  • Improved Cellular Uptake: These frequencies might enhance the uptake of nutrients and oxygen by cells.
  • Wound Healing & Pain Relief: Effective for enhancing nerve regeneration, wound healing, and alleviating pain.
  • Stress Response: May trigger a mild stress response, leading to improved cellular repair mechanisms.
  • Cellular Metabolism: Useful for increasing cellular metabolism, oxygen uptake, and ATP production.

Effects on Electrical Transmembrane Potential (a normal cell has an average of – 70 mV)
General Impact: High intensity PEMF may increase cell membrane potential by affecting ion channels, pumps, and transporters. Examples: One study reported an increase in membrane potential of human mesenchymal stem cells by activating the sodium-potassium ATPase pump. Another study found an increase in the membrane potential of rat astrocytes by opening calcium-activated potassium channels.

Guide to High-Intensity PEMF within an Electromagnetic Integrative Medical Perspective
Core Philosophy: Electromagnetic Integrative Medicine
Before diving into the specifics of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, it is essential to elucidate the underlying philosophy that informs our approach to health and well-being. In electromagnetic integrative medicine, the physical body is not just a biological machine but an intricate electromagnetic system, governed by informational energy.

Key Principles:

Informational Energy: In this model, health is directly related to the quality and nature of the electromagnetic frequencies that cells, tissues, and organs resonate with.
Cellular Resonance: Every cell and organ have a resonant frequency that can either be harmonious or disruptive. When cells are in resonance with beneficial frequencies, they function optimally.
Transmembrane Potential: The health of the body is intricately connected to the electrical transmembrane potential of its cells, which ideally should maintain a -70-mV charge.
Structured Water: This model acknowledges that humans consist of 99% water molecules, which can be charged and structured through various frequency interventions like PEMF, light, specifically infrared and UV light. Structured water is key to optimal health.

New Technologies: As we understand more about these principles, new electromagnetic technologies like high-intensity PEMF can be harnessed for therapeutic and preventive health applications. Klinikk for integrert medisin (Moss) has acquired a tailored high-intensity PEMF system call Uno Vita NEO+ (PMST = Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Super Transduction) and we now develop new protocols to be able to effectively treat neurological diseases such as Parkinson, Dementia, Alzheimer's and sexual wellbeing for both men and women. This will include targeted treatments for prostate enlargement and prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and related for men. For women, the newly developed treatment can be used for low sexual function, low libido, weak orgasm, vaginal pain syndrome, pelvic floor training, rehabilitation of the birth channel and related.

By embracing an electromagnetic integrative medical perspective, we not only change the way we approach health and wellness but also the tools and technologies we use to achieve these aims. High-Intensity PEMF is just one example of the kind of innovative technologies that become possible within this framework. As we continue to research and understand these complex interactions, the potential for radical improvements in healthcare looms ever larger.

Uno Vita AS is currently developing new state of the art PBM frequency base devices called LuciPhi for release during 2024.