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Oxyair HBOT (2 ATA) - new modell

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Oxyair HBOT (hard type 2 ATA hyperbaric chaimber) - NEW MODELL
Oxyair HBOT: Comprehensive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Optimal Health and Recovery

Introduction to HBOT
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. It is used to treat a variety of conditions, including wounds, infections, radiation injuries, decompression sickness, and more. The Oxyair HBOT, a hard type 2 ATA hyperbaric chamber, represents a significant advancement in HBOT technology.

Advanced Design and Medical Technology
The Oxyair HBOT is a Class II medical device capable of operating at a pressure range of 1.3 to 2.0 atmospheres absolute (ATA). This flexibility in pressure adjustment enhances the therapeutic effectiveness of the treatment.

Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits of HBOT
Increased Oxygen Absorption: HBOT enables up to seven percent oxygen to dissolve in the blood, over 20 times the normal value. This accelerated oxygen absorption stimulates healing processes, especially in tissues with poor blood circulation.

Conditions Treated with HBOT: HBOT is beneficial for a wide array of conditions, including:

  • Radiation injuries (head, neck, and pelvic areas)
  • Chronic bone infections
  • Chronic wounds (diabetic foot ulcers, radiation-damaged tissue)
  • Inner ear diseases, acute hearing loss, tinnitus, and Meniere's disease
  • Burn injuries, chronic inflammation, or circulation problems
  • Decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning
  • New blood vessel formation after prolonged use
  • Physiological Health Benefits: HBOT can enhance mitochondrial function, improve bone stem cell health, and increase blood supply to all organs and tissues.

Extended Applications of HBOT

  • Neurological and Chronic Conditions: HBOT has shown potential in treating migraines, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke prevention and recovery, diabetic neuropathy, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Supportive Cancer Therapy: As an adjunct to cancer treatment, HBOT can reduce tumor hypoxia, minimize radiation and chemotherapy side effects, and enhance the effectiveness of certain treatments.
  • Inflammatory and Pain Conditions: Useful in managing conditions like fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and inflammatory pain.
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health: HBOT supports heart function, helps manage diabetes, improves lipid profiles, and aids in metabolic syndrome control.
  • Lyme Disease Treatment: Particularly effective in alleviating symptoms associated with Lyme disease, including neuronal inflammation, chronic fatigue, and joint pain.

Safety and User Experience
Safety Measures: Oxyair HBOT ensures safety, especially as oxygen is combustible. It's designed to avoid any fire hazards, with proper grounding as per safety guidelines.

Contraindications: Certain conditions, including severe heart failure, recent pneumonia, chronic lung disease, and active cancer, are contraindications for HBOT.

Treatment Procedure and Expectations
Treatment sessions typically last from one to two hours, with the number of sessions varying based on the condition. New blood vessel formation usually begins after 6-8 weeks of regular treatment. Many patients report improved well-being and energy levels after just a few sessions.

Consultation and Customization
It is vital to consult with healthcare professionals before starting HBOT. The Oxyair HBOT offers customization options for comfort and personal preferences, making it suitable for both clinical and home settings.

Conclusion and Recommendations
HBOT, especially with the Oxyair HBOT system, offers a wide range of health benefits. While it's not a universal solution, it stands as a valuable tool in the treatment of numerous conditions. Regular treatments can lead to significant improvements in health and well-being.


Key attributes

  • Type Hard Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Size 220x82x77 cm Size
  • Type Hyperbaric Oxygenation Chamber
  • Average Oxygen ≤25% (without mask or nozziles)
  • Weight 90kg
  • O2 Flow rate 10 L/min 
  • Air Flow rate 110 L/min
  • Lcd display pressure and oxygen n charmber, total working time, setting time.
  • Oxygen concentrator size 335*315*365mm
  • Gross weight 90kg
  • Unique environmentally friendly composite material
  • Equipped with UV disinfection
  • AUTOMATIC PRESSURE RELIEF. Releases pressure in emergency situations
  • Model number: OLV-YT01
  • Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
  • Chamber pressure; Oxygen purity; Setting pressure; Optional Setting time; Running time; Total working time
  • Standard accessories
  • Unique environmentally friendly composite material,light texture, high strength,
  • wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • Equipped with UV disinfection/internal lighting
  • Design/internal color touch screen
  • 3-in-1 Oxygen Concentrator:Air compressor Oxygen concentrator & Air cooler
    in one machine
  • Intelligent detection cavity pressure and automatically releases pressure in emergency
  • Colors you can order: Dark Blue / Light Blue / Silver
  • O2 Purity Less than 30% O2 Purity
  • AC 220V 50HZ or AC 110V 60HZ
  • Pressure Flow Rate 1.3ATA(4.5PSI) /1.5ATA (7.2PSI) 
  • 2.0ATA(14.5PSI) Adjustable 
  • Oxygen Flow:10L/min
  • Air Flow:110L/MIN
  • 2 x Automatic pressure relelief valves
  • 1 x Manual exhaust valve
  • 5 x Connector
  • 2 x Walkie talkies
  • 2 x Headset oxygen tube
  • 1 x Humidifier Bottle
  • 2 x Color touch screen
  • 1 x Floodlight
  • 1 x Sterilizing lamp
Oxyair HBOT (2 ATA) - new modell - Uno Vita AS
Uno Vita AS

Oxyair HBOT (2 ATA) - new modell

kr 231.200 NOK - (excl. VAT)

Key attributes

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