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NADH Rapid (60)

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NADH Rapid
The rapid energy boost for body and soul. It increases the endogenous energy production in 20 minutes. Content: 60 tablets - 1 tablet contains 20 mg of stabilized NADH

  • NADH shows no interaction with other drugs.
  • NADH can not be overdosed.
  • NADH does not influence blood levels.
  • NADH is an endogenous substance.
  • The beneficial effect of NADH has been confirmed by numerous studies.

What is NADH?
NADH is the biological form of hydrogen, which produces energy with the oxygen in the cell.

„While there is no such thing as the "most important" compound in the body or even a "most important antioxidant", NADH comes as close as a single compound can."
Richard Passwater, Ph.D. Maryland 1997in his Foreword of the book: "NADH the Energizing Coenzyme"

If you could take a natural substance that occurs in every single cell to increase your overall energy, would you?
If you could take a natural substance that boosts the immune system and protects your cells from damage, would you?
If you could take a natural substance that enhances your cognitive capability and improves your memory, would you?
Most people would answer spontaneously, “Of course.”

We are getting a sufficient supply of oxygen from the air we breathe. What we are lacking is hydrogen. The biological form of hydrogen NADH occurring in our body reacts with the oxygen present in every living cell to produce essential energy in form of Adenosin Tri Phopshate (ATP). This ATP is used by the cell to produce all components essential for the optimum function of the cell. This include components of the cell nucleus, the mitochondria, the power plants of the cell and the cell membrane. The more ATP a cell has available the better it functions and the longer it lives.

Therefore NADH leads to an extension of the lifespan and the vitality of cells, tissues and organs. In particular the power plants of our cells, the mitochondria are of decisive importance for the regulation of cell division and for the repair of damaged cells. If mitochondria are defect the cells will die.


Contents in addition to 20 mg NADH:
Isomalt, sodium bicarbonate, natural lemon flavor, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose

  • It is vegetarian
  • Does not replace a varied diet
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dose

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NADH?
NADH is the abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride. In other words, NADH is the biological hydrogen. It reacts with the oxygen present in each cell and produces energy and water.

2. What is NADH made of?
NADH is derived from yeast containing very high levels of the oxidized form of NADH, namely NAD+. This NAD+ is then enzymatically converted to NADH. NADH is 99.9% pure and contains no trace of yeast.

3. Is NADH vegan?
Yes, NADH is vegan. It is a pure substance that contains no animal and animal-derived products.

4. How long does it take to feel an energy-boosting effect of NADH?
The energy-boosting effect of our NADH RAPID ENERGY can already be detected after 15 minutes with several medical-technical devices (such as heart rate variability = HRV) and also on the ergometer (in fitness centers).

5. For how many applications does NADH SKIN SERUM (10 ml) and NADH DENTAL GEL (10 ml) work?
Both products contain about 55 sprays. If you apply 3 sprays per day, then the 10 ml bottle is enough for 18 days.

6. What is the difference between NADH RAPID ENERGY and NADH CONSTANT ENERGY?
NADH RAPID ENERGY is a lozenge that is best placed under the tongue where it dissolves within 1-2 minutes. The energy-boosting effect of NADH RAPID ENERGY can be detected after 15 minutes with several medical-technical devices. NADH CONSTANT ENERGY is a "swallowing tablet" to be taken with a glass of water on an empty stomach. The NADH in this tablet is then absorbed in the intestine. Therefore, the onset of action can only be observed after 1-1½ hours. Both products contain 20 mg NADH per tablet.

7. What is a blister?
Most tablets are inserted for reasons of durability in plastic films, which have wells for the tablets. These are then hermetically sealed with an aluminum foil. This container is called blister.

8. Why do we recommend taking our NADH ARTHROS and NADH VISION for at least 3 months?
NADH ARTHROS is intended for the development and regeneration of articular cartilage. Its regeneration takes several months based on conventional medicine experiences. NADH VISION is used to protect the eye, especially the macula. To recognize the protective effect of NADH VISION a preventive use over several months is necessary.

9. Why does the packaging have a lower dosage than recommended by our doctors?
Based on our more than 20 years of experience with our NADH products, we know that with higher doses much better and faster effects have been observed.

10. Do our NADH products influence or interact with drugs?
In more than 50 scientific studies no drug interactions have been observed so far.

11. Can you take NADH during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
Yes, you can take NADH during pregnancy & lactation. A few years ago, women from 2 doctors took NADH from the beginning during their second pregnancy. Both women felt much better with NADH in their second pregnancy than in the first without NADH.

12. Can babies / toddlers take NADH?
Yes, babies and toddlers can take NADH. We gave our NADH DENTAL GEL to an 8-month-old girl who had a kidney tumor and should be operated on. The girl is 10 years old and healthy today. But we also have children in elementary school who can concentrate much better with NADH.

13. Can I also use the NADH products in animals?
Yes, NADH can also be given to animals, whereas the NADH products to swallow, such as NADH CONSTANT ENERGY, NADH ARTHROS and NADH VISION, are better accepted by the animals.