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Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer

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Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer
Perfect for people living in apartments or rented homes because of their small design and simple installation, the Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer is also great for traveling! It installs directly to your kitchen tap and is non-permanent, leaving no marks or damage to your fixtures. If you have a pullout kitchen faucet, you will need a pullout faucet adapter. You can download installation instructions here.

Installation Guides
Listed below are installation guides for different Vortex Water Revitalizer models. 

The sophisticated designs of the Vortex Water Revitalizer - Apartment Models make these products perfect for those living in apartments, condos, or rented homes. In an instant, the significant benefits of Revitalized Water can be experienced with an easy, non-permanent installation.
There are two Apartment Models available, for kitchen and shower. The convenience of having a water treatment system that does not require any maintenance, replacement parts or permanent installations is like no other.
In the kitchen...
The Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer attaches quickly and easily to any kitchen tap and allows you to experience the joys and benefits of using Revitalized Water in your cooking, cleaning, and most importantly the transformation of your drinking water. The Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer will restore the natural health and vitality to your drinking water to benefit your health and make drinking water a pleasurable experience.
For pullout kitchen faucets, the Pullout Faucet Adapter is available.
In the shower...
The Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer is installed in your shower between the shower outlet and your existing showerhead. The transformation of your water will significantly benefit your hair and skin. Your skin absorbs the same amount of chlorine in one shower as drinking 8 glasses of untreated tap water, showering in Revitalized Water is just as important as drinking it.
These two models are installed by simply screwing the Vortex Water Revitalizer on the water outlet, in most cases customers are able to properly install the product without the help of a plumber.

The Original Water Revitalizer Revitalizes your water in the shower, kitchen tap or in the main line. The Original Water Revitalizer runs your tap water through a double spiraling process creating a powerful vortex energy field. This restores the life force in the water. The water delivers this energy to your body, plants and pets for instant absorption. Natural power for you and good for the environment! We have models for kitchen taps, for showers, for any other filter system, plus different sizes of whole house models, as well as commercial sized models. Ask for what you don’t see! Some of the beneficial effects of revitalized water * Revitalized water is instantly absorbed by the body and is ready to perform its wonderful work in all the biological processes in your body, thus maintaining your good health. * Gives renewed energy to the human body and bloodstream, thereby improving the ability to provide cellular nourishment and eliminate body wastes and toxins with ease. * Drinking revitalized water makes you feel refreshed and energized. * Because it is softer, revitalized water decreases dryness and irritation of the skin. * In the shower you will experience how effectively it rinses off soap, giving a clean feeling! * When used for washing both dishes and laundry it provides better and easier results with less detergent. It makes the detergent more effective, and rinses better. * The Original Water Revitalizer improves the taste, smell and look of your tap water, even the taste and smell of chlorine often disappears within minutes. * It works well with any filtration system and can be installed before, or after the filter, or both. * Eliminates slime (bacteria build-up), and reduces mineral and rust deposits in coffee makers, cookware, humidifiers and plumbing. * Plants respond well, with increased and healthy growth, giving you improved, healthier crops. * The OWR increases the amount of dissolved oxygen to the natural level in the water.