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Faraday Blanket With Pocket EMF Protective 40GHz Tested (blue)

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Faraday Blanket With Pocket EMF Protective 40GHz Tested

How it works: The new MommySafe® Baby Blanket by Smart&Safe® is a comfortable, stylish, & high-quality soft Microfiber blanket that's shielding from harmful wireless radiation from devices like cell phones, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, and cordless phones. The shielding inner is made of Pure-Silver Fiber™.

electromagnetic radio frequency radiation tested and proven


  • Our new MommySafe® Baby Blanket deflects up to 99.9% of EMF radiation at ranges between 900MHz - 40GHz (!!!)
  • Machine washable and dry-able.
  • Luxurious hypo-allergenic flannel, comfortable against the skin, with non-toxic
  • 29.5″x34.25″ (approx. 75cm x 87cm)

Developed and crafted with love by Smart&Safe®

Why do pregnant mothers have to prevent radiation?
Because of these ten bad habits during pregnancy, it is always important to protect the fetus:
1. Playing with mobile phones while sitting, so the smartphone is near the stomach OR sleeping while the device is at the bedside.
2. Working or playing games for a long time using a laptop on your lap.
3. Browsing online or playing video games.
4. Often use induction cookers, microwave ovens, and other electrical appliances with high EMF and ELF radiation emissions levels.
5. Driving an electric or a hybrid car.
6. Having a Wi-Fi router, printer, or any other wireless appliance in areas in the house where you spend the most time.
7. Home appliances are often turned on at the same time and work simultaneously. 
8. Work long hours in an office with many computers, wi-fi routers, printers, and many other electric devices.
9. Being at close range with extremely dangerous transformer rooms even without having an idea that you are near one.
10. Being at close range with transmission towers, high voltage lines, and other EMF affluent areas.

According to statistics, every 18 seconds, one defective child is born, and radiation is one of the culprits leading to infant defects. Domestic electromagnetic protection experts - believe that a pregnant woman wearing radiation protection apparel can effectively shield against electromagnetic radiation, thus protecting the fetus. 
0~3 months during pregnancy: the fetus in the embryonic period is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, and the far-reaching consequences may cause limb defects and even miscarriages. 
4~5 months of pregnancy: the formation of the embryo, at this stage exposing a fetus to electromagnetic radiation for a long time may cause damage to its intellect and even dementia.
6~10 months of pregnancy: the fetus is growing; at this time, the fetus is at a critical growth stage. The main consequences of long-term radiation exposure will result in low fetal function, weak post-natal resistance and physical fitness, and even damage to the central nervous system.

A concerning new study links miscarriages to cellphone radiation.
How worried should we be?

A concerning new study links miscarriages to cellphone radiation. How worried should we be?

Non-ionizing radiation may have more of a biological effect than we thought.
There’s emerging evidence that exposure to one type of radiation from cellphones and other devices might be linked to a major adverse health outcome in women: miscarriages.