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Bottled sunshine (light wood)

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Bottled sunshine (light wood,oak)

Bottled Sunshine is an elegant table lamp which automatically delivers the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light. Brighten your space and lift your mood with sunlight during the day, relax and connect with candle light in the evenings, recover and sleep with fire light at night. Light impacts how we feel, work, play and rest! Bottled Sunshine brings the benefits of natural light back into our lives = Bottled Sunshine is light the way nature intended!

Bottled Sunshine pairs the world’s finest full-spectrum light sources with beautiful glass shades and a custom controller to deliver natural light. The glass shade perfectly diffuses the light from the source, naturally changes color with the time of day, and creates a round beam of up-light (without glare). The glass shade can be paired with a light (oak) or dark (walnut) wood base to match existing furniture, or a metal (black or silver) lamp base for an industrial look. The wood bases are from a sustainable US forestry and are hand-finished with best-in-class AFM Safecoat (no VoC) stains. The custom electronics are sourced and assembled by small electronics manufacturers in the bay area. All Sunlight Inside products are energy efficient and built for long-life (10-20 years). Bottled Sunshine is designed, sourced and built in Northern California - we believe in sustainable boutique manufacturing. 

• base available in oak (light wood), walnut (dark wood) or metal (black or silver)
• brighter than a 60W bulb (1000+ lumens), 5x more efficient, and lasts 10-20 years
• dimensions = 8.75” tall and 4” wide cylinder
• light automatically cycles from sunrise to sunlight to sunset to candle and fire light (1500-5000K)
• controller is preset to a user’s address before shipment (nothing to connect, set-up or install)
• perfect dimming with manual dimmer (dim from 100-1% while maintaining consistent color)
• unmatched light quality: 90+ CRI and lifetime color consistency of better than 2 Macadam ellipses
• BLE enabled if you want more control than Mother Nature provides!

What makes natural light so special? Until 100 years ago our days were filled with bright sunlight, and our evenings were lit with the soft warm glow of a flame. We are programmed to respond to the daily and seasonal variations of natural light. We feel bright and energized on a sunny day, and down on rainy days, during dark winter months or when we’ve been stuck inside for too long. Exposure to natural light is what synchronizes our circadian rhythms and hormone cycles – profoundly impacting how we feel, work, play and rest. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough natural light during the day and get too much artificial light at night. The science linking light and health is clear, and the technology to recreate natural light is now available. Sunlight Inside designs and build products which automatically deliver the benefits of natural light! There's nothing to install, set-up or connect = just plug-in Bottled Sunshine and experience the benefits of the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light.