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Aquaphor Eco H Pro

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Aquaphor Crystal Pro and Crystal Pro H

Aquaphor Crystal Pro H filter is an advanced variant of the Crystal Pro filter that gives you a comprehensive water filtering solution with extra benefits. Both of these filtration systems are ideal for protecting you and your family from various contaminants and ensuring the purest drinking water possible.

Joint tree -step filtration process:

Step 1: Sediment filtration
The first step uses a sediment filter that effectively removes dirt, rust and other large particles, so that the water is free from visible impurities.

Step 2: Carbon Block Filtration
In the second stage, a carbon block filter plays the lead role. It effectively eliminates chlorine, organic impurities and heavy metals, thus improving the purity and taste of the water.

Step 3: Final filtration
The third and final step consists of a final filter, which carefully removes any remaining contaminants, refines the taste of the water and eliminates any persistent smells.

Aquaphor Crystal Pro H - Extra Features:

Aquaphor Crystal Pro H builds on the features of the Crystal Pro, but also includes an ion exchange unit for reducing lime deposits and water softening. This feature is especially valuable in areas of hard water, and it gives you softer water quality and protection against lime deposits in household appliances.

Why choose Aquaphor Crystal Pro or Crystal Pro H?

Both of these filter solutions offer a number of benefits that have made them preferred choices among homeowners:

High efficiency:
Up to 99.9% removal of contaminants, ensures clean and healthy drinking water.

Long filter life:
Filters usually goods in 6,000 liters or up to 12 months, depending on what comes first.

Easy installation and maintenance:
Easy to install under the sink and a hassle -free filter replacement process.

Both Aquaphor Crystal Pro and Crystal Pro H are budget -friendly choices with long -term filters.

Improved health and better taste:
Filtered water improves health and gives better taste and smell in the drinking water.

Cost savings and environmental responsibility:
Reduces the need for bottled water and contributes to environmental protection.

Filters and technology

Pro HF filter cartridge:
The Pro HF filter consists of two parts: a dense hollow fiber membrane and a nice sorption section. Hulfibert technology provides filtration of microparticles greater than 0.1 microns, providing reliable protection against chlorine -resistant bacteria that can be found in fountain water. It acts as a mechanical barrier with micropores cutting bacteria and cysts without the use of chemical bactericides. The sorption part of the cartridge provides fine filtration that removes dissolved contaminants such as active chlorine, heavy metals, organic substances and other traces of toxins and allergens.

Pro 1 filter cartridge:
The innovative Pro 1 patron performs two functions at the same time: mechanical pre-filtration and sorption filtration. The product contains patented carb fiber block technology and increased content of ion exchange microphiber Aqualen in the pre -pre -filing area. These sorption mixtures effectively reduce iron of both types, Fe2+ and Fe3+. The sorption area filters out impurities up to 3 microns and binds irreversible toxic compounds such as heavy metals, phenols, pesticides, chlorine and others.

Pro H filter cartridge:
The Pro H switching cartridge is designed for effective water softening in non-RO systems. It also helps to filter out iron (Fe2+) and manganese. The cartridge contains high -quality ion exchange resin; Efficiency depends on the hardness of the water and can be restored through a regeneration procedure. With this cartridge, your Pro Sorption Filtering System will reduce hard water lime deposits, remove oil films from your drinks and protect your kitchen appliances.

Choose Aquaphor Crystal Pro or Crystal Pro H for a first -class and comprehensive water filtering solution that will improve the quality of your drinking water while promoting your health and the environment.