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Active H - Day (60)

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Active H® day (60 capsules)
Colloidal microcluster mineral complex - The antioxidant with the world's strongest redox potential
Colloidal Silica Microcluster mineral complex with potassium - For cell energy and against oxidative stress.

Active H® is without following substances:

  • Without GMO
  • Without animal testing
  • Without additives
  • Without pesticides

Active H® is good for:
dr.reinwald vital - gut fürs Immunsystem immune system
dr.reinwald vital - gut für den Zellschutz cell protection

Active H® – the antioxidant with the world’s strongest redox potential!

Active H® day – Antioxidants for cell energy and against oxidative stress
Antioxidants such as vitamins, secondary plant substances (polyphenols) or protein precursors such as glutathione are natural “rust guards” and protect all organisms in nature from attacks by free radicals – aggressive, reactive and harmful molecules that arise through stress, poor diet, environmental toxins als well as waste products from most metabolic processes (cell respiration/oxidation) in the human body.

Active hydrogen is a superior antioxidant
Colloidal cluster structures, such as occur in silicon compounds, are naturally amorphous and therefore adsorb substances very easily. Therefore, colloidal silica is liable to e.g. to bind hydrogen particles loosely during conventional hydrogenation and to “store” significant amounts of hydrogen, in particular as hydride ions (H-) or so-called “active hydrogen”.

Negatively charged hydrogen ions (H-) are the smallest, low molecular weight (i.e. able to penetrate cell walls) and yet most powerful antioxidants (approx. -710mV) known in the scientifc world. At the same time they are the ultimate scavengers for free radicals, because they own an excess electron to neutralize such radicals. Active hydrogen occur predominantly in fresh fruit and vergetables as well as in fresh spring water. It is extremely volatile and reactive, which is why it is often not available to us to sufficient degree.

Active H ® day – as a complex with potassium / silica / boron / selenium / Vitamin B6 – contributes to the normalization of

  • cell protection against oxidative stress (neutralization of free radicals)
  • cell energy production (ATP)
  • reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • cognitive function (mental energy)
  • immune system (defense power)
  • acid-base balance (pH-milieu)
  • nutrient metabolism in the body

Use of Active H®

  • to enhance and supplement food daily
  • at a lack of energy, tiredness and fatigue
  • at / for increased physical and mental performance as well as sport
  • to balance a one-sided or excessively acidic diet
  • for smokers and environmental pollution
  • during / for alkaline and excretion cures, or weight loss diets

As a natural source of hydride ions, Active H® is used in particular for the nutrition of persons with a lack of hydrogen or electrons as well as deficient cell energy.

Redox potentials (ORP) of vitamins and other antioxidants
The redox potential is a description of the antioxidant power. The diagram shows that Active H® (approx. -710mV) is more than twice as strong as NADH (approx. -320mV) and is about 99x stronger than vitamin C (approx. + 80mV)

Active H® day and its cofactors
Our dr.reinwald vital products have been designed as complex formulations. These active complexes are far more efficient than mono-substances, as they provide the organism with the important synergists and cofactors it needs to optimally support the controlled metabolic processes.

ActiveH® day is a colloidal microcluster mineral complex that guarantees optimal effect and bioavailability through the combination of active hydrogen and other important nutrients such as silicon, boron, selenium, vitamin B6 and soothing magnesium and selenium.

Tri-potassium citrate (81%), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium tetraborate, selenomethionine, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6).

The gastric acid-resistant cellulose capsules are intended to prevent the interaction of excess electrons with the proton-rich gastric juice. On the one hand, this preserves the stomach´s acid digestive power and, onthe other hand, the high density of electrons in the microclusters.

60 capsules (gastro resistant) / 46 g, sufficient for 30 days.

Recommended intake
Take 2 capsules in the evening with good quality water
For cases of high oxidative load as well as before sporting activities take another 2 capsules at day.
In the evening and night take Active H® night with magnesium.

No limitations or incompatibilities are known.
Suitable for vegans.

Legal note
This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise