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Uno Vita Portable Handheld Red Light Therapy Flashlight

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Handlin Red Lobster Therapy Flashlight

Advanced portable light treatment for pain and skin enhancement

About the product: UNO Vita RH12 brings an advanced form of portable light treatment, perfectly adapted for the treatment of small or targeted areas. With its rechargeable design and light construction, this lamp is ideal for both home use and travel. RH12 is equipped with five light waves that include both red, infrared and optional blue light, making it a very versatile unit for pain relief, skin improvement and inflammatory reduction.

Main features:

  • Five wavelengths: Equipped with red light (660nm + 630nm), near-infrared light (NIR) (850nm + 900nm) and blue light (460nm).
  • Three modes: Possibility of using red + infrared + blue light, only red + infrared, or only blue light for customized treatment.
  • Pulse mode for delicate skin: Includes a vibrant mode that protects thin skin from burns, ensures better energy absorption and adjusts the effect accordingly.
  • Areas of application: Suitable for anyone suffering from body pain, inflammation or who wants to improve the skin of the skin.

The benefits of light on different wavelengths:

Red light (630nm and 660nm):

  • Skin Health: Promotes collagen production, reduces wrinkles, stimulates wound healing and arrowing.
  • Pain relief: Relieves muscle and joint pain by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.
  • Mood enhancement: Can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Sleep optimization: Affects melatonin production and can provide better sleep quality.

Blue light (460nm):

  • Acne treatment: Reduces inflammation and fights acne bacteria.
  • Eye Delay: Relieves eye pain from screen use and light pollution, and reduces digital eye fatigue.

Near-infrared light (850nm and 900nm):

  • Tissue Repair: Promotes the repair and healing of both soft and hard tissue.
  • Pain relief: Relieves chronic pain and muscle tension.
  • Improved blood circulation: Increases blood circulation and improves the oxygen supply to tissue, which promotes faster recovery and better cell health.

Overall, these wavelengths offer a comprehensive approach to:

  • Treat various health problems
  • Stimulate natural healing processes
  • Improve general well -being

Technical specifications:

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Brand: Uno vita
  • Model Number: Rh12
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS
  • Power supply: 2 pcs. lithium batteries 18650/26650; Rechargeable via universal charges or USB
  • Dimensions: 29.6mm x 125mm
  • Net weight: 183.2 grams
  • Battery pack: Including
  • Charging station: Demontérable base
  • Switch: 304 stainless steel, metallic touch switch

Operating instructions:

  • Staff: Press to switch between light modes, with the possibility of 10 Hz pulse flash in each mode.
  • Automatic Hours: 5-minute hours of automatic shutdown for safe and efficient use.
  • Flexibility: The unit can easily be used on knees, shoulders, neck, wrists, fingers, waist, ankles or face, and is also suitable for pets like dogs and cats.

Experience the innovative power of UNO Vita's RH12 and its range of light therapy to treat pain, inflammation and improve the skin's condition, ranging from the comfort of your own home or travel.