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Tesla Bioptron Hyperlight Eyewear (Violet, Kids)

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Tesla Bioptron Hyperlight Eyewear, Violet, Kids
Shield your child's eyes with Tesla Bioptron Hyperlight Eyewear, Violet- advanced protection against harmful light, enhanced vision, and stylish comfort designed for kids.

Tesla Bioptron Hyperlight Eyewear for Kids, particularly in red, is a cutting-edge product designed to safeguard children's eyes from the detrimental effects of artificial light, while enhancing their vision, cognitive abilities, and protecting the skin around their eyes. This innovative eyewear incorporates a special Fullerene lens, a result of the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of Fullerene C60, renowned for its unique nanomaterial properties.

Key Features and Benefits:
Advanced Fullerene Lens Technology: The Fullerene lens is engineered to transform blue LED light into eye-comfortable colors. This transformation harmonizes biomolecular processes across the eyes, brain, and body, ensuring a holistic approach to eye health.

Cognitive Enhancement: The eyewear is designed to boost various cognitive functions, including concentration, attention, memory, and decision-making. By optimizing brain function and harmonizing EEG signals, it claims to improve mental performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Vision Improvement: These glasses are crafted to provide a sharper image and reduce light scattering. They aim to enhance visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and color intensity, thereby reducing eye fatigue and discomfort. The eyewear is also effective in minimizing glare and blinding effects from sudden bright lights.

Anti-Aging Properties: The eyewear protects the skin around the eyes from aging. It eliminates or converts harmful light radiation into hyperlight structures that promote the natural regeneration and synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Durable and Stylish Frames: Specifically designed for kids, the frames are colorful, flexible, and comfortable, ensuring style and durability. Available in a range of colors including red, blue, black, turquoise, and violet, these frames cater to various style preferences.

Additional Specifications:

  • Protection Against Harmful Light: Shields children's eyes from harmful UV and blue sunlight, and the artificial light emitted by screens.
  • Optimizes Neuroendocrinology Actions: Increases serotonin and regulates the serotonin/melatonin ratio, decreasing depression and insomnia.
  • Regulates Circadian Rhythm: Influences the body clock, regulating blood pressure and body temperature.
  • Quality Coatings: Includes hydro and oleophobic coatings for scratch resistance and an antistatic component that repels dust.
  • Ioncoat Layers: Features patented 8 ioncoat layers that reduce light reflex to less than 1%, enhancing vision.
  • Fullerene Layer: Present on both sides of the lens for added protection.
  • CR 39 Lens: Used in the construction of the eyewear for superior optical quality.

Tesla Bioptron Hyperlight Eyewear, Violet, Kids, represents a blend of technological innovation and child-centric design, making it an essential accessory for children in the digital age. Its combination of health benefits, eye protection, and stylish design makes it an ideal choice for parents looking to provide their children with the best in eye care and protection.

Today kids are glued to their electronic devices more than ever before. With more homes and public places now decked out in LEDs, on top of all the screen time, today’s children are also overexposed to blue light from LED bulbs. At the dawn of the third millennium, digital technology is a reality and its dominance in our lives will only continue to grow. The science is yet to find out long term effects of excessive exposure to artificial harmful light from such a young age.

Hyperlight Eyewear effectively guards health of children growing up in the digital age. Hyperlight Eyewear superior lens technology for everyday protection:

  • Transforms Blue LED light into eye comfortable colours; eliminates Digital Eye Strain and relaxes the eyes.
  • Enables sharper vision.
  • Optimizes brain function; harmonizes EEG signals.
  • Eases anxiety and other behavioural and emotional disorders.
  • Positively influences the body clock; balances circadian rhythm and improves sleep.
  • Hyperlight Eyewear frames for children are specially designed for their lifestyle: indestructible, flexible, with no metal parts, making it the safest option for your child's protective eyewear. Ingenious and imaginative as the children, Hyperlight Eyewear frames for kids come in the following colours: red, blue, black, turquoise and violet colour.

Hyperlight Lenses are constructed using the highest quality coatings:
The protective layer on both sides of the lens.
Hydro and oleophobic coating: provides resistance to scratches and prolongs the lifespan of the lens. It has an easy to clean effect and an antistatic component that repels dust particles on both sides of the lens.
Patented 8 ioncoat layers: In accordance with the Ioncoat K+ procedure, eight layers of material with different index levels are applied to the lenses in a vacuum. Ioncoat K+ reduces light reflex to less than 1%, resulting in better vision.
The Hard Coat (HC) layer: aligned specially with the antireflection process and the superhydrophobic layer, it prolongs the life span of the antireflection layer and provides additional protection against scratches.
Fullerene Layer on both sides of the lens (CR 39 Lens).

Technical data:

  • Item code THE-0401VT
  • Product name Hyperlight Eyewear, Violet, Kids
  • Gross weight [KG] 0.112
  • Net weight [KG] 0.024
  • Producer BIOPTRON AG, Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland
  • Application Eyewear blocking UV and blue Sunlight with relaxing and improved decision-making process effect. The eyewear can be used as protection against harmful portion of blue-violet light emitted by LCD and LED screens.
  • Dimensions 123 x 37 mm
  • Made in EU
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Suitable for use indoors YES

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