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LOTUS SHOWER sediment filter pack (head)

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LOTUS SHOWER sediment filter pack head (3)
Sediment filters dedicated for the lotus shower head.

What is the secret to having beautiful smooth skin and silky hair after a shower? You could use the best available beauty products, but the results might still be lacking. It all comes down to one thing: water - the essence of life. Unfortunately, water does not always come in its purest form.


• Sediment filters remove heavy metals.
• Vitamin C filter (optional) is a direct antioxidant for healthy and shiny skin and hair.
• Showering with filtered water helps prevent itchy, dull skin and flaky skalps
• The filters save water and at the same time provide three to four times more water pressure thanks to almost 280 micro-holes in the shower head.
• Vitamin filter removes chlorine and other chemicals and pollutants with 99.9% anti-bacterial efficacy, leaving a pleasant and refreshing citrus scent.

Choose the color options of the Lotus hand shower that will match the interior of your bathroom. This intelligent filtering system is good for your health and for the health of our planet.

Technical data:
Product code: WTS-001-03
PRODUCT NAME Head Sediment filter set, 3 Psc
Expected lifetime of each filter: +- 2 months