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HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)

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What is HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)?

HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III) is an innovative health technology apparatus that uses low-level laser therapy (lllt) to help the body heal itself. This technology is based on the use of red and near-infrared (NIR) lights that stimulate cellular processes and promote healing in various musculoskeletal disorders.

Benefits of the wavelengths of HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)

Lllt can be applied using different wavelengths, where 650 Nm and 808 Nm are the most commonly used. These wavelengths have different penetration depths and biological effects:

  • 650 nm: This wavelength is more effective for superficial wounds and skin healing. It stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 808 nm: This wavelength is more suitable for deeper tissues and nerve generation. It reaches muscle and skeletal tissues and is often used to treat deep tissue damage, nerves and joints.

Health effects of HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)

Pain relief

HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III) reduces pain by increasing blood flow to damaged areas and stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. It can also modulate pain paths and reduce inflammation.

Reduction of inflammation

Laser therapy can dampen inflammation by affecting inflammatory cytokines and increasing the activity of phagocytes that remove damaged cells and tissues.

Improved wound healing

HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III) promotes wound healing by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and granulation tissue. This increases the oxygen supply to damaged cells and improves protein synthesis.

Increased muscle regeneration

By increasing the ATP production in the cells, Lllt improves muscle regeneration and function. This can be especially useful for athletes and people with muscle injuries.

Effects of pulsation with HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)

HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III) offers both continuous and vibrant mode. Pulsation has several benefits:

  • Deeper penetration: Pulsating light may penetrate deeper into the tissue than continuous light, making it more effective for the treatment of deeper damage.

  • Reduced heat development: Pulsation reduces the risk of overheating the tissue, making treatment more comfortable and safe.

  • Stimulation of healing processes: Pulsating light can better stimulate cellular processes, such as improved cell tabolism and regeneration.

Recommended use of HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)

HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III) can be combined with transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS), which uses electrical currents to stimulate nerves and muscles. TENS can improve the painkillers and anti -inflammatory effects of lllt by modulating pain paths and increasing blood flow.

Technical specifications for HD-Cure Pro Laser (Class III)

Battery capacity: Built -in lithium battery 2600mah
Laser wave length: 808nm and 650nm
Terminal laser output: 6 laser rays with 808nm, 6 laser rays with 650nm
Lens material: Tempered glass
Work mode: Pulse mode and continuous mode
TIME SETTING: 5-30 minutes, 5 minutes as an interval
Function: The device can work with power connection while the battery is dead
Battery charger: European standard and US standard, 4 hours at full charging
Total Effect: 930mw

Feature buttons

  • Turn on: Long pressure, sums will "tick". Increases 5 min/time, time is adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes. All icons on the LCD screen will light up when the device is turned on.

  • TIME SETTING: Press to adjust time, time from 5 to 30 minutes.

  • Laser Setting: When the device is turned on, press to select the mode/power. The first pressure is level 1 laser current with heart rate mode, press again to adjust to level 2, then press again to adjust to the highest power level with a constant mode.

  • Ten's power setting: Press to adjust the intensity of TENS output, a total of 3 levels for selection.

  • Start and break: After working mode/time/laser output power and TENS Power intensity is set, short pressure to start the device to publish laser or tens, buzz "tick".