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Altrent liposomal vitamin C

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Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C (Original Livon Labs - 30x5.7ml)

Why choose Livon Labs' Lypo-Spheric ™ vitamin C?

Most common forms of oral vitamin C tablets, capsules, powder and fluids, as well as vitamin C from the diet, are not effectively treated and absorbed in the gut. As a result, much of this vitamin is never transferred to the blood, and even less is absorbed in the cells where most needed. When consuming 1000 mg or more of the usual oral vitamin C, more than half is broken down and separated as waste from the body.

Livon Labs' patented lypo-Spheric ™ vitamin C Encapsules Vitamin C molecules in liposomes made from essential phospholipids that protect vitamin C from being damaged by digestive enzymes. Within minutes after ingestion of lypo-pheric ™ vitamin C, liposomes are transported with vitamin C directly into the bloodstream and further into the cells.

Livon Laboratories was the first company to utilize this sophisticated technology, developed by the pharmaceutical industry. With Livon's Lypo-Spheric ™, the body gets important phospholipids along with an essential dietary supplement. This liposoma -capped form of vitamin C is the first choice for those who really understand bioavailability and the importance of high doses of vitamin C.

Lypo-Spheric ™ Vitamin C switches through the barriers that inhibit the absorption of other forms of vitamin C, so you get large amounts of vitamin C where you need it most-in the cells. Enclosed vitamin C in essential phospholipids provides a powerful double effect: You get the benefits of vitamin C while the body's need for essential phospholipids, including phosphatidylcholine (PK), is satisfied. PK is important for many functions, such as maintaining a healthy heart, fertility, and the immune and nervous system.

Benefits of Altrient® C:

  • Protects cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • Stimulates the repair of muscle damage after exercise
  • Reduces stool after training
  • Contributes to better general health
  • Useful supplements to various diets
  • Contain neither sugar nor gluten
  • Promotes muscle repair
  • Stimulates collagen production for healthier skin

Approved health benefits:

  • Helps maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise
  • Normal energy conversion
  • Nervous system's normal function
  • Normal psychological function
  • Protection against oxidative stress in the cells
  • Reduction of fatigue and fatigue
  • Reconstruction of the reduced form of vitamin E
  • Increased absorption of iron
  • Normal collagen formation that is important for blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth


  • 1000 mg vitamin C (as sodium case bat)
  • 1000 mg of phospholipids (from soyalecitin)
  • 30 bags per carton
  • Stored in a cool and dry place. Do not frozen or store in direct sunlight for extended periods.

If an individual bag is opened and not taken immediately, the sealed bag should be stored in the refrigerator before use, or up to 24 hours.

Business facts per dose (5.7 ml):

  • Vitamin C (Sodium Corbat): 1000 mg
  • Phospholipids (from soyalecitin): 1000 mg
  • Hence phosphatidylcholine: 500 mg


Avionized water, sodium case bat, lecitinphospholipids, alcohol (ethanol), xantang gum, citric acid (for pH balancing). Does not contain GMOs, sugar, starch, artificial taste, artificial color, animal products, milk products, wheat, gluten or yeast.


Supplements are not substitute for a varied diet. Store outside children's reach. In pregnancy or breastfeeding, health personnel must be consulted before use. Store cool and dry. Do not freeze or place in sunlight for a long time.

Operating instructions:

Take a dose of 1-2 times daily as a dietary supplement. For best results, cut or tear off the dotted end of the bag, and squeeze the contents into 30-60 ml of filtered water, spring water or your preferred drink, and consume an empty stomach at least 15 minutes before food. The contents of the bag will not be dissolved.

Made of:

Livon Laboratories, Inc. 2654 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite B5108 Henderson, NV89052 USA

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Altrient liposomal vitamin C (30x5,7ml)