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Nature is my religion

Uno Vita AS |

This is my belief system and I gladly share it with you. It is a constant process to go from faith to knowledge. This process, and any change that can trigger and help me and you become more conscious and in harmony with nature and the universe, is welcome. Without change, there is no development, not resisted for everything will change. Resistance is painful, I wish you a way of little resistance. The sun is power, the earth is a uterus, water is a medium, the air is freedom and life is a dance of creation.

The abundance of information energy
There is an unlimited abundance of information energy in and around us. Information energy flows throughout the existence of the universe. Information energy has many facets, many colors and properties. Information energy is available through countless channels. The information energy from electromagnetism defines physical reality in the 21st century. The frequency of electromagnetism radiates from all things and all beings in a constant current.

The law of resonance

We all have the ability to listen to or prefer certain channels and resonate with their vibrations. This way you can receive the information energy, float with it, absorb it and let it change your life. The challenge is often that your "radio" is trained to just listen to certain channels and let these channels dominate and shape your life here and now. Start listening to the channels that give you the life you want.

You exist (in the perspective of your physical life here and now) because you reason with the energy available to you and created by you. When there is resonance, "you sing the same song" as you hear, and the energy and information increase, it is reinforced, reinforced and will shape the environment. If you, your emotions, your cells, your molecules, your vibrations, your water, your information energy should exist, you must resonate with the energies of the universe.

The miracle of life

Even if you choose, or are triggered by "the accident of life", listens to limiting information energy channels that can cause illness, pain, grief, anxiety and more, a miracle millions of times every second occur. You're still here now. This miracle is your life, you are alive. You are an important part of nature of everything that is. Nature is inside you and around you. You are nature, and nature is more.

Current with the river of life

Remember that the river of life flows through you, flow with it for the road with least resistance with abundance of adventure energy. Learn to focus and be conscious, be here now. When you listen to a tune, radio, TV show or YouTube channel, you can choose to turn off the channel, switch channel to an information channel that suits you. This is also possible in life and the great magic of life.

The essence of the magic

Magic is nothing more than being in resonance with your true self and inner intentions. When you are in resonance with what you really need and want, you want it. The teacher and the master are nature, your nature, our nature, our universe. Many of us strive to "listen" to the constructive, intuitive, loving, inspired, free information channels due to blockages built from ignorance, pain and/or inadequate training from our parents and society. There are many ways, many paths to insight and bliss. To a life filled with love and compassion.

First step: to be one with nature

For me, the first step is to connect and be one with nature. In nature you will find the pure channels, you will find the energy and most importantly, you will find yourself. Learning to listen to nature is learning to listen to yourself. Listening to nature can help you disconnect the noise from channels constructed from anxiety and pain. Remember that the energy of the universe is free and unlimited, as opposed to the limited beliefs and painful feelings of being disconnected.


Walk out, get dirty, grave in the soil, lie in the grass, look at the sky, swim in a lake, breathe fresh air, hold a tree, go barefoot, let the wind blow you away, listen to the waterfall, listen to the birds, the birds sing, listen To your heart beat, look at the stars, see the colors, see the river flow, light a bonfire, taste of a berry, connect to an animal, keep someone you love if you can, run, sleep, go, go, sit quietly, be quiet, be quiet, Absorb everything and let it absorb you. You're one, you're here now. Now everything is.

Each time you lose the connection to the "radio" channels that feed your mind, body and soul with unlimited constructive information energy, dive into nature in and around you. Your access to the source of everything that is within, the "radio" is always on for you to listen to at any time.


Do you need to swim in the endless river of love and harmony and never ending change.

Author: Jan Fredrik Poleszynski

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