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Aanalemma Water

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Aǹalemma Water is a product of New Earth Technologies, a company rooted in the principles of biomimetics, aiming to recreate the natural properties of water to benefit health and well-being. The company, based in the Netherlands, was established from a collaborative effort that began in 2005. The founders were driven by a shared interest in the critical role water plays in sustaining life and its profound properties.

The technology behind Aǹalemma Water involves emulating natural processes to produce coherent, structured water. This involves using geometric shapes, kinetic energy, electromagnetic waves, and natural materials like quartz, precious metals, and minerals. Their method includes an innovative use of ovoid shapes to create vortex movements in water, mimicking natural water cycles and enhancing water's structure through a process inspired by lightning strikes.

Aǹalemma's approach to creating coherent water also includes a maturation phase where the water is stored underground for a year, exposed to natural electromagnetic fields and protected from harmful radiation. This process is designed to stabilize the water in a highly coherent state, ready to be receptive to optimal environmental information, much like a radio crystal picks up radio frequencies.The company's vision extends beyond individual health benefits, aiming to restore all water on the planet to its natural, coherent state. They also focus on community and global initiatives to make coherent water widely available, reflecting their commitment to health as a fundamental aspect of life, not a luxury. Their executive team brings a diverse background in technology, holistic medicine, and entrepreneurship, which shapes their innovative approach to water treatment and their holistic view of health and environmental impact.

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