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MyAMINO (120)

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MyAMINO® (120 gram)
Eight essential amino acids
The Human Amino Acid Profile. Better than any other protein intake

The Human Amino Acid Profile is the amino acid formula composed according to the specific human amino acid pattern with the world’s highest net build-up value and therefore the lowest metabolic waste.

MyAMINO® is a revolution in protein nutrition.

How Does It Work?

  • Optimal Ratio: MyAMINO® claims to have the exact ratio of eight essential amino acids required for optimal protein synthesis. Unlike traditional protein sources, which can have suboptimal ratios and incomplete amino acid profiles, MyAMINO® is engineered to closely mimic the human requirement.
  • Efficient Absorption: It's stated that the product is absorbed within 23 minutes, making amino acids rapidly available for protein synthesis. Traditional protein sources take much longer to break down and become bioavailable.
  • Minimal Waste: Due to its near-perfect amino acid ratio, the product aims to minimize metabolic waste, thereby reducing the workload on liver and kidneys.
  • Caloric Efficiency: MyAMINO® is low in calories but offers the same anabolic utility as more calorie-dense protein sources like meat or fish.
  • Purity and Allergen-free: The product is free from allergens and additives, making it suitable for people with specific dietary needs.


  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis: A superior Net Amino Acid Value (NAV) means that a higher percentage of the amino acids are used in protein synthesis, promoting muscle repair and growth.
  • Metabolic Support: Lower metabolic waste can potentially reduce the strain on the liver and kidneys, which are responsible for detoxification processes.
  • Digestive Relief: Since it’s absorbed quickly and efficiently, there's less stress on the digestive system.
  • Caloric Efficiency: The product offers a way to get essential amino acids without adding significant caloric intake, which is beneficial for weight management.
  • Adaptability: MyAMINO® can be advantageous for different populations— from athletes needing rapid protein synthesis to older adults who might have impaired protein metabolism.
  • Holistic Health: Amino acids are not just building blocks for proteins but also precursors for hormones, neurotransmitters, and other bioactive molecules. Therefore, an optimal amino acid intake can potentially affect various aspects of health positively.

The idea behind MyAMINO® aligns well with the principles of efficient nutrient utilization, minimal waste production, and quick absorption, which can fit well into an integrative, holistic view of health.

MyAMINO® – according to the specific human amino acid pattern
Highly efficient protein delivery
Effective protein nutrition with the eight essential amino acids, composed according to the human amino acid pattern – for a net amino acid content of 99%.

With a NAV of ≥ 99%, MyAMINO® achieves the worldwide highest value in protein nutrition, that means almost all its amino acids can be used for the body´s protein synthesis and thus to build up new cells. MyAMINO® has almost no calories since only 1% glucose can be produced from 1% metabolic waste. People with low carbohydrate intake (e.g. such with elevated blood sugar levels) can therefore greatly reduce their load of glucogenic substances from the protein diet by substituting food proteins with MyAMINO®.

Proteins or their building blocks – the amino acids – are not only a vital component of our food. They are the basic building blocks of our protein metabolism and form the basic building material for our entire organism. They are used to constantly renew the mass of living cells that form muscles, organs, bones, antibodies, enzymes, etc. Already the name protein, derived from the Greek “proteuo” or “protos”, tells us that it takes “the first place” and thus is the “most important” nutrient in the human diet.

For what can essential amino acids be used?
As a daily food supplement and enhancement, especially in case of increased strain and stress, in competitive sports and in vegetarian and vegan nutrition for the protein supply of people in special physiological circumstances, such as senior citizens, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children in growth and people in regeneration in the context of dietary nutrition programs, such as ketogenic and low-sugar diets
for maintenance and strengthening of body substance, tissue and muscles

Use of MyAMINO®

  • Enhancement and supplementation of the daily diet
  • Mental burdens and stress
  • Sport or other physical exertion
  • Vegetarian or vegan lifestyles
  • Diets, particularly ketogenic and hyperketogenic diets, weight loss programs to avoid the yo-yo efect, detox schemes
  • Diabetic nutrition
  • Intolerance or reduced intake and utilization of dietary protein
  • Protein nutrition of people who are in a special physiological condition, such as the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers, growing children, people in regeneration. Clinical nutrition for people sufering from protein deficiency, disfunctions of kidney and liver, stomach and bowel, people with gout, rheumatism or arthrosis or inflammatory processes, epilepsy, oncological nutrition, especially preventing tumor cachexia, in accordance with the appropriate doctor or medical practitioner
  • Preservation and strengthening of muscles and lean tissues
  • MyAMINO® – a revolution in protein nutrition
  • MyAMINO® is a pure foodstuf and has a 100 % pure, free crystalline amino acid content.
  • MyAMINO® has a bioavailability/digestability of 100 %.
  • MyAMINO® provides an optimal ratio of the eight essential amino acids L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine and L-Tryptophan for the human dietary pattern.
  • MyAMINO® therefore achieves an extraordinarily high protein value of ≥ 99 % Net Amino Acid Value (NAV)
  • MyAMINO® consequently forms only 1 % metabolic waste, such as ammonia or urea, as well as only 1 % glucose from protein metabolism.
  • MyAMINO® is almost completely calorie free (just 0.4 kcal in 10 tablets). It introduces the same amount of actually anabolic utilisable amino acids to the body as 350 g meat, ish or poultry.
  • MyAMINO® is completely reabsorbed in the small intestine within 23 minutes. It is already split and does not require any cleaving enzymes (peptidases). The transition period of usual nutritional proteins into the body takes 5 to 13 times longer.
  • MyAMINO® does not contain any allergens, since its amino acids are obtained by fermentation.

100% free and crystalline amino acids of ultra pure pharmaceutical grade, namely L-Leucine (19.6%),
L-Valine (16.6%), L-Isoleucine (14.8%), L-Lysine (14.3%), L-Phenylalanine (12.9%), L-Threonine (11.1%),
L-Methionine (7.0%), L-Tryptophan (3.7%).

MyAMINO® is free from any additives or doping substances. MyAMINO® is not a drug but a super food,
whose amino acids are obtained by fermentation and hydrolysis from GMO-free vegetable origin and do
not carry allergens.

Nutritional values
Per 10 tablets: L-Leucine 1,964mg, L-Valine 1,657mg, L-Isoleucine 1,483mg, L-Lysine 1,429mg,
L-Phenylalanine, 1,289mg, L-Threonine 1,111mg, L-Methionine 699mg, L-Tryptophan 368mg

120 tablets / 120g. Sufficient for 24–12 days, depending on the intake