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16 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit (100)

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16 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips, 100 cnt. Home Water Quality Test for Water

  • Easy to Test: Drinking Water Test kit for each in home use. 16 parameters tested. Quick and Easy to Use
  • Quality Test: Our Water test strips provide Accurate Results for testing various water sources
  • Instruction Guide: Our Water Reagent Strips come with a full color guide with information about each of the 16 parameter tested
  • More Strips: We include 100 test strips in two sealed pouches of 50 strips each for longer shelf life
  • Biodegradable: Safe for the environment! Our PLA strips are biodegradable

Med Lab Diagnostic's drinking water test kit is great for testing the quality of different water sources. Our kit contains 100 water reagent test strips in two sealed pouches of 50 each for longer shelf life. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive drinking water test kits or pool water tests. With our home water test, you can test your drinking water, tap water, well water, ground water, pool water, hot tub, and spa. Our reagent water test strips also have low-level detection range for heavy metals. Stay healthy and ensure the quality of your water. In addition, our strips are made from PLA which is a biodegradable material, friendly for the environment.

Easy and safe to use!
Just dip the strip, wait 60 seconds, and compare the results to the color chart! Included with our strips you will find a helpful full-color guide with more information about the significance of the test parameters and the EPA standards for safe ranges of heavy metals in water.

Here are the 16 parameters our water test strips can test for: Lead, Fluoride ,Iron, Copper, Mercury, Total Chlorine, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Water Hardness, Aluminum, Sulfate, Bromine, Free Chlorine, and Cyanuric Acid.

16 i 1 drikkevanns teststrimler (100) - Uno Vita AS
Uno Vita AS

16 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit (100)

kr 351 NOK - (excl. VAT)

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